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(garyhorne) #1

Hi all Just joined Folksy recently, my name is Gary from Manchester. I make rustic furniture using mainly reclaimed materials.
If there is anyone out there who can give me some help with social media promoting I would pay them, I am really new to this field and would appreciate some guidance.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Cheers Gary

(Sasha Garrett) #2

if you log out and then log back in again you should get a link to your shop appear next to your name which would help us out if you ever want your shop critiquing (and so that we can be nosey).
As for social media tips have a look on the folksy blog . Hilary P (@HilaryP) has written a book on the subject which I can’t remember the title of right now - I’m sure some one will come a long and remind us.
Finally if you want to get the word out you could try using (@dottiedesigns) she has many, many social media followers on many platforms and will advertise your products to them with links back to your shop and own social media streams thus getting you followers and hopefully sales as well.
That should get you started without costing vast amounts of money.

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(Karen Ellam) #3

Hi Gary

Welcome to Folksy.

A lot of the social media platforms are jumping on the paid promotion band wagon so that’s always an option. I’ve not tried that approach yet. Maybe one day.

I think the days have gone where reach was great on Facebook.
It’s much harder to get noticed now online and requires more research and SEO homework.

I like Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter is quite good too.

Wishing you all the best with your shop.

Karen :smile:

(garyhorne) #4

Hi Sasha, thanks for your quick reply,I will try my best with the info you gave me but me being brand new to social media I am struggling though, if there is someone who could give maybe a couple of hours one to one I know I would get there quicker, I would travel to where ever they want. like I stated earlier I would pay them.
Once again Sasha thanks for your advice.
Kindest regards Gary

(garyhorne) #5

Thank you !

(Liz Clark) #6

Hi Gary

@HilaryP book is called “Online marketing for your craft business”

I don’t know how old you are Gary, but if you have any teenagers in your family they can give you a one-to-one. It might be best to choose just one social media and go from there. Instagram is quite easy if you have a smart phone as you can take photos and upload to your account. You can link the photos to your shop, and put in a short description. Instagram needs fabulous photos, it’s effectively like a photo album!

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(Ali Millard) #7

I also really recommend @HilaryP 's ‘Online marketing for your craft business’ book. It explains how to set up the most popular social media sites in really simple terms, how to use them, gives ideas of how to create interesting content etc.
I second @BigBirdLittleBird comment of choosing just 1 social media platform at a time, so it’s less daunting. But what I would say is, read the book and decide which one you think sounds the best for you and start with that one, as what works best for one business, might not be the best for you.
What’s your shop on here @garyhorne ?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

can I say google plus and pinterest are very simple to use.

For example sign up to both very easy costs nothing.

Then for pinterest we have the pin button/icon next to all our listings. So when you list something here click on the pin button/icon and follow the directions and it’s on pinterest. Many people look on pinterest and if they see your item and either simply like it or want to buy it they’ll either like it or click on it and be taken straight to your shop. If they repin it it will been seen by even more people.

Google+ is the same sort of thing but you copy and paste the url for an item in your shop then paste that into google+ . There are groups called communities on there that you can join no fee’s just follow each groups rules. There are communities that will promote and llike and share you posts which helps your items be seen by a wider audience.

Here are some links you can use too have a look both are to my accounts you’ll see how many different boards or collections I have very easy to set up.

Here’s google+ When you post your items on google+ there is something I learnt very quickly. once you paste your link hit the space bar otherwise your image won’t show up. You can add comments to your posts as well.

I would suggest starting with one site get to grips with that write down how to notes then once you feel happy with that site then go onto the next site.

Any problems just ask someone will be able to help you.

(Susan Bonnar) #9

Hi Gary @garyhorne

I am Dottie and run British Crafters. I would be very happy to help you :slight_smile: Drop me an email at You can see what we do at

I can help you get started off for sure!

Chat soon!

(Susan Bonnar) #10

Thanks for the recommend @SashaGarrett Much appreciated :slight_smile:

(garyhorne) #11

Hi Eileen, thanks for your in depth reply, it all seems so easy for you but I am finding it overwhelming, I am pretty sure I’ll need one on one tuition for a couple of hours anyway, I’ve never really done any of this stuff so I’ll try and find someone to show me. Feel a bit stupid but I’ll get there. :grinning:
Thanks again Eileen

(garyhorne) #12

Hi Dottie, thanks for taking the time to reply,
Is it possible to speak on the phone regarding my issue ?
Kind regards Gary

(garyhorne) #13

That sound good, I’ll get that book and like you say " one platform at a time "
My shop is bespoke rustic creations, have only one piece in at the moment…
Thank you for your great advise much appreciated. :grinning:

(garyhorne) #14

Hi Liz. I am on Instagram but not really sure how to generate business through this platform, I thought it was to mainly show your photos, I will definitely buy this book I’m sure the penny will drop. I know I come across as really" thick" that’s because I am ! Only joking.
I have got younger family members but there always to busy :confused:
Once again thanks Liz.
Gary bespoke rustic creations

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(Liz Clark) #15

Generating business on any social media platform is very hard these days, so you’re not alone in that. If we all knew how to do it and it was easy, none of us would be on this forum asking questions - we’d be busy raking it in :smile:

Just take it one step at a time on one of the social media platforms and you’ll start to get a feel for it as you go along.

(Susan Bonnar) #16

@garyhorne Hi again! If you message me a brief outline of what you are trying to achieve and your number then we can talk at some stage this week :slight_smile:

(garyhorne) #17

Hi Susan.
My number is … … Supplied, I generally just want someone to guide me through a listing from start to finish, then perhaps linking up with other platforms, just as if you were doing it for yourself.
Hope that sums it up.
You can ring any time it suits yourself.
Cheers again. Gary

(Eileens Craft Studio) #18

That’s ok and don’t feel stupid Gary we’ve all been there. I had to learn each one at a time it’s taken me a while. I know how overwhelming it can feel, like you’ll never get the hang of any of it and it’s all like a thick fog. But as you try out just one and experiment a bit then suddenly little things begin to click and before you know it you’ve got one under your belt.

I started with one learnt then when I felt I knew what I was doing after a few weeks I to the plunge and started on another one.

As my mother always used to tell me many years ago “Remember tiny steps, and in your own time otherwise you’ll just give up”

(Eileens Craft Studio) #19

Gary you might want to edit your post and take your phone number out as this forum is a public forum for the whole world to see.

If you click on Susan’s name in her post it will bring up her profile and at the top in a blue box with white writing is the word MESSAGE if you click on that you can send Susan a private message that only she’ll be able to read.

(Susan Bonnar) #20

Hi Gary - just catching up and missed your phone no. Good advice @EileensCraftStudio for it not to be on the Forum! My Folksy messages take about 24 hours to arrive for some random unexplained reason and nothing has come through yet. Feel free to email me direct at

We can chat later today and see if I can help you :slight_smile: