Folksy Ltd

Other shop links in banners etc

Are we allowed to have links or addresses anywhere in our shops to another site where we sell whether that’s our own website’s with checkout or even another selling platform?

Or would that been seen as simply using Folksy as an advert to another site to avoid paying folksy commission fees?

I thought it wasn’t allowed but I’ve seen it a few times and wondered if I’d missed an update or had miss read the rules.

I’m pretty sure that is not allowed & one of the reasons we are not allowed to have hyperlinks in our listings. Folksy would be unhappy about any sellers doing this & may wish to be informed about it…

I’m certain this is against Folksy rules, it wouldn’t make any business sense for them to allow it. However it must be difficult for them to check the shopfront of every shop on here so I suppose the odd one will slip through the net.