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Etsy web address

(Kim Blythe) #1

I spotted an item on the front page this morning, clicked on it, and the photograph of the item has the persons web address for their Etsy shop printed on it…I checked this persons shop and there are quite a few photo’s like this.
Is this allowed?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

No it’s not allowed if you have the link to the item/shop you can report them to Folksy.

(Kim Blythe) #3

I did report it this morning, but it hasn’t changed yet…

(Rachel) #4

Have you noticed how many people use Etsy in their keywords / tags and does anyone know why they do? thank you

(Diane Burton) #5

I saw one this afternoon and reported it, if it’s the same one then hopefully more than one report will bump it up the checking list, or maybe they’ve contacted the seller to give them chance to change the photos

(Diane Burton) #6

That seems a bit silly, tags only work for Folksy searches not google and I doubt anyone will be putting Etsy in the search box on here :confused:

(Sasha Garrett) #7

I just tried it when Rachel mentioned it (but only because Rachel mentioned it) and got over 200 hits - mostly people saying please check out the other items in my folksy and etsy shops (which probably isn’t allowed). But no I don’t see why people would normally put etsy in the search function.

(Diane Burton) #8

Maybe Folksy admin need to do this search every so often to weed out people flouting the rules :disappointed:

(Minerva) #9

It’s definitely not allowed. The only reason someone would use this kind of tags that I can think of is…if buyers see a seller has a shop on another site and they happen to have an account there, then they can just purchase the item from the other site. Also, the fees might be lower on another site…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #10

It is against Folksy TOC’s and we can’t put links to our own stand alone websites either.

Thing is Admin aren’t going to catch people unless someone informs them. Some times it takes a wee bit of time as I think Admin use the gentle approach asking people to remove links rather than remove a listing straight away.

(Minerva) #11

Is this right? I see quite a few people doing this…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #12

yep as it’s basically using folksy to advertise another selling place taking customers off Folksy.

(Sue) #13

I love Folksy, and I think they do a splendid job for us British crafter’s, and we don’t want people browsing Folksy being taken off onto other websites, perhaps they should have someone who monitors new shops. Instead of leaving it up to us, I know that’ll cost them time and money, but it’s best for us all in the long run. However, they seem to work fairly quickly if they’re alerted to anything :grin:

(Sue) #14

I spoke too soon, the other day I spotted some Russian dolls,(I usually love Russian dolls!) Painted in Russia and being sold from Spain, I just had another look and find there still there and have amazingly moved to Britain! But they are still painted in Russia. We all work so hard with our crafts, it isn’t on :cry:

(Rachel) #15

Eileen if this is correct why are we allowed to advertise our personal facebook, twitter etc pages at the top of our shops? Is this not a method that would take people away from Folksy ie people who recognise / prefer the facebook method rather than buying through folksy? Thank you :smiley:

(Sonia Adam) #16

Hi Rachel,
As far as I know, it is against Folksy policy to redirect customers away to another site/page which has checkout facilities. Facebook, Pinterest, twitter etc are fine as they’re not ‘stealing business’ away from Folksy. Obviously your own website (with checkout facilities) and other selling platforms are not ok.

(Christine E.) #17

Recently a featured seller was photographing items on backing cards featuring the address of her own website. These of course were constantly being featured on the front page. I was surprised that Admin didn’t have a word with her :slight_smile:

(Sarah Lambert) #18

I noticed that too, seemed a bit strange.

(Minerva) #19

Some time ago I came across a seller who was advertising her own website in her listings…and she has lots of listings. I contacted Folksy about it but there is no change. Maybe the rules are updated.

(Kim Blythe) #20

The shop I originally posted about seems to have taken down all the pictures with the Etsy web address, so I suspect they have been contacted by Folksy admin.

I also have my own web address (, which may appear occasionally if I photograph an item with my label on it…however, it points at Folksy so anyone typing it in would just go straight to my Folksy shop.