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Paypal charging VAT

can anyody help me please !!
my buyers on here are being charged VAT when checking out with paypal - this is not happening with my Ebay customers only FOLKSY - paypal say its not them - folksy say its not them - its embarrassing having to refund VAT that I haven’t charged - also all my orders on here say awaiting payment - and don’t change - even when they have paid !

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I don’t think there’s anywhere on your Folksy settings where you can add VAT as an option, so I would assume it must be something in your paypal account settings that is triggering it, especially if your Folksy orders are showing the correct amount, but VAT is being added when the paypal charge goes through.

Maybe your ebay sales are processed by paypal differently, and that’s why they’re ok. I would double check all your paypal settings first.

I know a few other people have been having problems with the payment update on orders - again, check all your account data has been entered correctly - it might work ok once you have sorted the VAT issue. Otherwise get back to Folksy support and ask them to check it again.

If you go to ‘my profile’ on paypal there is a section for VAT (third thing down for me), I’d check that there isn’t anything entered here.