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Just tried to buy @admin

and after it asked me to confirm my order I got this message

Your payment failed to process

We’re sorry, but your payment failed to process.

The reason given for the failure was:

This transaction couldn’t be completed. Please redirect your customer to PayPal.

Please try again, maybe with different credentials, to complete your Folksy order.

We’ve had a similar report come through to support in the last 30 minutes too. We’re investigating now to see if there’s an issue with Paypal.

It looks like one of our web workers was having a bit of a wobble at around half two, today, which might explain the problems you saw and the other one that was reported, Eileen. Things have been okay since then though, and there have been plenty of transactions that have gone through without any problems.

Sorry you had trouble, but hopefully it’s all working again now.

Hope this has been sorted @folksycontent . Could do without payment issues just as my sales have started to pick up!

@Folksyadmin all now ok I did the try again and this time it worked ok.

So I guess it might have been a user error fault ie me lol

Is this why one of my customers who ordered overnight got charged twice by PayPal and two identical orders were generated on the folksy system? One order shows paid, one awaiting payment. The one awaiting payment won’t cancel. I’ve issued a refund for the spurious second payment.

There seem to be a few gremlins in the works. In the last few days I have had 8 sales, I have only received notification of payment from Paypal for 3 of them. One of them is even showing on my Paypal account as an Ebay sale, and I haven’t sold anything on there for years!
My last sale was yesterday afternoon and it was about half an hour before I got notification from Folksy…which is unusual.

I had a message from a customer through my website the other night who said he had placed an order on Folksy and now wanted to order more and how to do that. The problem was I had no Folksy order from him …

I did enquire whether or not he had received a confirmation email from Folksy about the order but haven’t heard back yet.

My Folksy sales have been saying Ebay sales too! @KBCreations

Natalie x

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I’ve just checked mine and the sale I made two days ago says eBay in PayPal :confused:

That’s really really weird Natalie, @KBCreationsand @sweetpyroangel

Have you / could you email and flag it up?

@folksycontent I have just checked Paypal and actually have 4 orders that say ‘ebay’ on my Paypal account, since 30th October. They are all guest buyers, the orders from buyers registered with Folksy are fine.
I will email support shortly with the details. I’m at work today so cannot spend long online…

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@folksycontent I have now emailed about this to Folksy support.
However, this has highlighted another issue. Some time ago I stopped receiving notifications of payment from Paypal when I had a sale. I did contact support about it, and Paypal but I don’t think it got sorted out. During my flurry of sales recently I noticed that I got notification from Paypal for some, but not others. I can now see that I got the notifications for the ones Paypal thought were Ebay, but not the Folksy ones.

That looks like it’s a paypal problem to put guest buyers as ebay buyers. Very strange.

Is the e-bay problem with sellers using personal paypal accounts maybe? @KBCreations @folksycontent

My Folksy ones don’t say Folksy either, they just have the buyers name.
I have been on here over 3 years and I haven’t noticed this before.

hi and thanks @KBCreations

i thought i was missing something. i had only just noticed this too. Are you using a business account? I notice the personal paypal account lists things like ebay etc if somebody buys from you but the business one does not - at least not in the summary and emails anyway.

(sorry - just deleted comment i made above)

Some of my orders not Folksy members also says ebay in paypal

It’s a personal account, but this has only just started happening, although saying that I had no sales for a couple of months so I wouldn’t know if it would have happened sooner.
Normally, Folksy sales just have the persons name there, nothing about Folksy at all…and this is still the case for registered buyers…it’s just guest buyers it is putting as Ebay. I don’t sell my items anywhere else, only Folksy.

I have a business account and i have not yet had any of the ebay issues - both guest and registered do not say ‘ebay’.

I think there have been some problems on paypal - for the last few days it was not letting you wihtdraw money under £90.00. working today.

I have also had delays of paypal notification of payment emails.