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Paypal new layout help

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #1

Could anyone help me please? Paypal have changed the layout and I used to mark my orders as sent but cant see to do that now as I have no tracking number and when I follow instructions it says to choose “Order Processed/Service Rendered” if you dont have a tracking number. My orders now just say “in process”. which sounds to me my orders havent been sent! My older orders all say sent… Am I missunderstanding something?

(Minerva) #2

I tried using the new layout a while ago, but I quickly switched back to the old one. I find it easier to use.
Can’t you switch back? Or you prefer to keep the new format?

(Liz Dyson) #3

Oh, nothing has changed for me, I wonder if that’s coming? I hate change.


(Diane Mc Kechnie) #4

How do you switch back?

(Minerva) #5

At the very top of my account there is a link ‘Switch to the new PP’.
There should be a link in yours to switch to the old?

(Diane Mc Kechnie) #6

thanks Minerva I will revert back to the original paypal and see if that will help.