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PayPal Problems - taking money from bank account instead of PP balance

This afternoon, I made two purchases on Folksy, and now find PayPal have scheduled the payments to come out of my bank account on 1st Jan, rather than taking the money from my PP balance. At the moment, my PP balance is healthier than my current account, so I would rather the money be taken directly from there, as used to be the norm. Otherwise, I’ve got to mess about transferring money. The emails they’ve sent me say that I can change the payments by clicking on the transactions, but no such option actually materialises when I’ve tried this. I just can’t see how I can change these payments now. (I didn’t see any options when I made the payments either.) Has anyone else found out how to do this?

There are usually several options for payment and there is an option to “pay after delivery” which usually takes money from my bank account rather than my paypal balance - I have to make sure that is not selected if I want to use my paypal balance. I think you can set the default option in your paypal profile although if there are not sufficient funds in your selected account it will go to your alternative.

When you buy something now it sometimes gives you the option to delay payment by a couple of weeks, but the money comes out of your bank account if you select this option. It’s easy to accidentally agree to it without realising it though, as you have to say ‘no’ rather than ‘yes’.

The only way you can deal with it now is to transfer money out of your paypal account into your current account to cover it. I don’t think you can change it once you’ve selected it, but others may know better.

Sounds like you might have Pay After Delivery turned on on your account. That means you get 14 days to try the item before the money comes out. To turn that off I found these instructions -

Click on the settings / cog icon at the top of the page
Scroll down to Payment Settings
Click on 'pay after delivery link’
this will take you to the old version / classic look page where you get the option to turn off ‘pay after delivery’ as your preferred method.

If you can’t find Pay After Delivery there, you can try clicking on the Wallet tab at the top of the Paypal Summary Page, go to the bottom left and find Classic Site and click on that. Then go into My Money from the lefthand menu and Pay After Delivery should be one of the options there to click on and cancel.

Changing that might help sort the transactions. But if nothing else it will stop it happening again.


Thanks, Roz. I had become aware of this as an option recently but didn’t see anything obvious during today’s transactions. I’m obviously going to have to change a few things in my settings but what I couldn’t find was how to change today’s payments, which the emails seemed to imply I could. Everything has become so complicated nowadays as they all try to be all things to all people! Thanks for your comments :smile:

My husband secretly bought me something on Ebay the other day and as he was trying to hide it from me pressed the card option instead of Paypal.
A couple of days later I bought something from Ebay and it automatically used my card (= direct debit frrom my bank account using my registered debit card) instead of my healthy Paypal balance.
Gave me quite a turn for a moment as the payment went through before I had chance to spot it or stop it and I was quite suspicious that I had been got at. I hadn’t but I did check !
When I bought something else I saw the card box was ticked and set it back to Paypal.
Could it be somethingl ike that ?

Yes, it would seem I’ve done that, even though I was aware of the option - irritating that every time you make a purchase what you see is slightly different! Thank you.

It’s amazing how these new facilities get switched on before we even know they exist! It does fit with what you say. I have done a tour of the Wallet tab and gone back into Classic but couldn’t find what they were suggesting in their email, so haven’t really followed all that through. I’ll go through, with your notes, again tomorrow when I’m fresh (hopefully!) Thank you.

Yes, Joy, it does sound like something similar. It’s incredible how these big organisations can chop and change things at the drop of a hat and we have to suddenly be aware of it all. No doubt we’ve been informed, but we don’t have time to wade through all the small print they send out. I’m very cynical about all things bank related. I’m sure it’s some convoluted way for them to earn interest on our money. Still, I’m grateful to be able to share it here. Thanks for your comments and I hope you’ve sorted yours out ok.

I have followed your instructions now, Jo, and turned this off - I’m pretty sure I never turned it on! I do hate the way these big sites manipulate us. I see that I did actually follow that process yesterday, without actually turning it off, as I was more concerned with changing the two current payments at the time. Anyway, I’m going through the email exchange process with PP to see if I can do anything about that now… Thanks again

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As far as I remember, when I turned this option off on my account, people were a bit cheesed off because it was an opt out thing. So unless you saw any forum posts about it at the time it was bought in, you probably wouldn’t have had any idea it was on your account. Bit naughty of Facebook. But at least you’re opted out now so it shouldn’t happen again.


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