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Have You Seen The New Paypal Layout

(Pauline Hayward) #1

I’ve just received an email from Paypal saying they have changed their layout. It might take some getting used to it.

(Shirley Woosey) #2

Yep! Now I need to push my chair about three feet back away from the PC - it’s just TOO big and there is not enough info on the screen.

Shirley x

(Sarah Eves) #3

I’m not a fan - why tinker with something that works?
It was also particularly slow to load today, but that could have been coincidence.

Sarah x

(Pauline Hayward) #4

It’s a bit in your face isn’t it.

(Little Black Heart) #5

oh wow, i really don’t like it - my eyes don’t know where to look!

(i have left them some lovely feedback, asking them to put it back the way it was - fingers crossed, eh!) :wink:

(Peonyandthistle) #6

Mine doesn’t look any different! Am I missing something?

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #7

Mine looks the same! …I’ll go have another nose! X

(Jo Sara) #8

I’ve got the new look. It’s terrible. It does seem to be for the very short sighted. And I can’t get to my Paypal buttons from the transactions page. If I didn’t have the email saying they’d changed the look which had a different link to get to the buttons I would have been completely stuck. I know change is sometimes a bit weird at first, but I think this one really is just bad.

(Little Black Heart) #9

@JoSara - if you scroll all the way to the bottom, on the left is a “classic” option. it switches it back to (more or less) the old version.
(which is fine…until you navigate away, then it refreshes with the updated version again! but, at least the account is more…‘viewable’!)

(Jo Sara) #10

Yeah, I saw that. But even using that it still keeps the same massive tabs across the top and Selling Preferences isn’t one of them anymore which is where my buttons are. Blinkin’ Paypal.

(Karen Ellam) #11

I don’t know why they keep messing about with something that worked well originally. I’m still left unable to use PayPal on my tablet or mobile device because they ruined the app (no support) which worked like a dream before ( like going backwards with technology not forwards)
I hardly ever use the laptop or PC as the tablet is so quick & easy to pick up and shop with. To be honest I haven’t bought as much especially on EBay like I usually do. Its just too much hassle now. Has been going on for months too :confounded:

To read here they’ve now tinkered with the page layout … :frowning::sob: Why I ask???

I wish there were other payment methods, but PayPal seem to dominate :frowning_woman:

Little rant over. Hehehehe. Time for some breakfast before more DIY. Lots of IKEA flatpack furniture to build :sweat:

Karen :deciduous_tree:

(Minerva) #12

I saw that some months ago and tried it, but I didn’t like it. I switched back to the old and I’m staying there.
I just don’t find it easier to use and I like the simple and to the point format of the old.

(Jo Sara) #13

Still hating this new Paypal layout and this problem with it is now driving me mad. For every order I print the Paypal transaction page (being an ex-administrator I like to have all the paperwork for the one sale all together). Those new stupid massive tabs carry over to the old style transaction page, so whereas I used to be able to print that page on one sheet and get all the info, the massive tabs become a line of text each and line themselves up one under each other causing everything to shift down and I now have to print two sheets (or get up and turn the paper over) to get everything I need on.

Am I missing a trick? Is there a way to print just the transaction bit and lose those header tabs? Or is everyone having to print on two sheets now?


Edit - I have got round the earlier problem I had of not being able to get to my Paypal buttons, they are actually hidden along with all your account details and other general admin stuff under the cog next to the log out button.

(Ronald Koorm) #14

I went back to the classic view, which is a whole lot better for me.
It seems all managers of major websites seem to want to continuously change the layout, - a bit like changing where the soap powder is in the supermarket aisles just to annoy the customers !

(Yvette ) #15

With this new PayPal has anyone had trouble getting their payments - ie normally i have money transferred to my bank which only takes a few minutes to do so. But yesterday when i went to have some money transferred i now have to wait 3/5 days. Does anyone else have that or do i have to reset something - have emailed PayPal but they haven’t got back to me.