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Pet Portraits by Christopher J Spring :-D

Hello everyone,

My name is Christopher J Spring & I’m new to folksy.
I would like to introduce myself and my work.
I’m an artist from, specialising in animal and wildlife drawings in graphite.
Recently, I decided to start offering pet portraits. l.
The portrait is made using a photograph and rendered by hand in graphite.

If anybody has any questions about my work, pet portraits or anything else, feel free to ask.


Hi Christopher @CJSARTS, welcome to Folksy. Love the pet portrait, very detailed. Sadly I have no pets. Wishing you all the best with you’re new shop. x

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lovely work, sadly I don’t have pets either. We do have an art chat thread on the craft talk forum which you’d be welcome to join in with if you wish, there are a few artists on there who do pet portraits too.

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Thank you Kelly, I offer my own art too. I like to draw endangered animals, its no accident that they are often the most beautiful creatures. I hope to bring more awareness to the plight that millions of animals around the world face.
Thanks for taking a look. x

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I louisa, as I said to Kelly, I offer other work too. Thanks for taking a look, and thanks for the invite :wink:

Welcome to Folksy Christopher, fantastic work, wishing all the best with your folksy shop! :smile:


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Your work looks fab! I have a doggy who we’ve been thinking of getting an image of, I have liked you over on good old facebook :smile:

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Your work looks fabulous. I want to make pop art canvas prints of my pet. I have captured his various shots and now wanted to transform into pop art.

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Hi Daisywings, thank you for your warm welcome

Hi Eskimo, thanks for liking my page.
If you’re interested in a pet portrait, please send me a message and we can discuss what you’re looking for. I offer the portraits on Folksy. What kind of dog do you have?


Hi Harveyfeldman, thank you very much. Pop art is not something I have done before. Did you want the the portrait drawn and then turned into pop art?