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Pet portraits

Hi everyone. I have just listed my new pet portraits folksy page. I tried selling on here quite some time ago but did not have any luck, are there others who have had a similar experience, is this the platform for pet portraits? Let me know, and check out my work

Hi Chris,

This isn’t really my field, but I think you might need to create more listings to get noticed. With just one listing on your page then it is likely to get lost on this site.

There are other people here who do good business creating pet portraits and the way they do it is by having examples of work they have done for earlier customers and saying “Such and such an item in this style,” or by having different set sizes at different price points to attract customers with a wider range of budgets.

Sam x

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Hi Samantha,

thanks for the advice, I was thinking of adding some more sizes, i’ll list some more soon. x

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