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Hello folksy community. :grinning:

My name’s Christopher J Spring and I have just listed:

It is my graphite rendering of a young chimpanzee.
It is one of my favourite pieces and is currently representing my home page. If you like my work or want to know anything about it, please say hello.

My hope is to bring attention to the plight of the worlds dwindling animal populations through my art.

(Susannah Ayre) #2

That’s cool. I’m hoping to bring to attention the creatures we have in our waters closer to home- so living on the North Sea coast that’s my focus.
It’s a good idea.

Your drawings remind me of a few that I purchased when travelling in SE Asia. One is my absolute favourite, it’s a bit larger than A2 and is of a leopard done in charcoal.
It’s all B&W- all done with the same piece of charcoal apart from the eyes which are a subtle colour.
I bought it in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. I stumbled across a young man drawing it just after he started- he was using a thumbnail size image he’d taken from a National Geographic magazine. He worked full time during the week then every night went to the night market to continue his drawings. I watched him draw it for a couple of nights and was just amazed- there was no outlines nothing- just total freehand. So I asked if I could buy it. I watched him add more to it every night- and after 2 weeks he was finished. He wouldn’t accept more than £40 for it. It takes pride of place in my living room and I still sit and look at it- I’ve had it for 10 years now and it still amazes me! People see it and assume it’s a photo! It’s in a glass frame- I’ll try and take a photo of it though there may be a fair bit of reflection.

But while it totally amazes me that people can draw like that I also felt so guilty only paying £40- though I think to him that was a fair bit to be honest. But over here it would have cost me so much more! Mind you- to me now it’s totally priceless so I guess that’s art for you! :blush:

(Susannah Ayre) #3

Apologies for the window reflection- but you get the idea!
I have another similar style and size of an elephant bought in southern Thailand- though only saw that lady finishing it off. That was about the same price too!

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #4

Love you chimpanzee drawing, have added to my Pinterest board so hopefully it might lead to a sale :slight_smile:

(Sarah Lambert) #5

I’ve liked your Pet Portrait listing as my spaniel’s elderly and I’d love a portrait of him- just need to save up a bit but I’ll keep you in mind.

The chimp is wonderful. :blush:

Gosh Susannah that leopard is amazing!



thanks for your wonderful story. It’s a very lovely piece.£40 is a bargain! It looks very familiar to me,


Thank you Sarah, just let me know. Do you have any pictures?


Thank you Sam, fingers crossed :wink:

(Sarah Lambert) #9

Here’s a little teeny one - most of the others are quite distant on beaches. I can take some photos though, he seems to enjoy it.


Hi, that’s a great looking dog (from what I can make out).
My email is if you want to send me some more. :wink:

(Susannah Ayre) #11

Yeah it’s such a skill!!! I’ve always loved the idea of being able to draw like you but I think part of it just requires way more patience than I have. Haha
Look forward to seeing more of your work.

(Iguana49) #12

Very beautiful and painstaking work, Chris. Pencil/graphite drawings are amongst my favourite artforms, I struggle with them myself but still love trying to do them! Good luck with your shop! :smiley:


Thank you Susannah, I have to agree with the patience thing. Drawing is a natural talent for me. The first memory of somebody noticing my work was in infant school. I had sketched a tree and had focused on all of the leaves and many details, my teacher was very surprised. I would have been around four or five years old at that point. As I have matured, I patience has come as a welcome bonus. :smiley:


Hi Iguana,

thank you for your kind words. I can only say practice if you want to improve your graphite renderings. I don’t really practice much myself, I should really… :wink: