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Photo Editing Spammer/phisher?

Seems to be another one of these about - poorly written message offering to edit my photos for me ( errr no) , even for one of my shops that is currently EMPTY.

I have reported it to Admin , message runs

"I have visited your shop and really happy to look at your products, they are so beautiful! I think there are many people like your product as me.
I’m specialized in editing product photo. If you want to handle your product image better as remove background or retouch images, you can contact me.
etc .

yes I had it too. grrrr

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yep and me I’ve got it as well :frowning:

Thanks for reporting it to admin Dawn :smile:

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Hiya Folksy admin very quick off the mark, account has been blocked

yes ive had it too twice in the last 24 hours

I’ve had it too today!!

I had it twice too!

When we are contacted by spammers (as opposed to scammers), I think we should send them a reply saying ‘Thanks for your interest, I haven’t a need for your services but why don’t you buy my lovely makes, as you are so interested and think they are so lovely??’ and then send them a few follow up emails over the ensuing weeks enquiring whether they have had a chance to consider it.

I did this for someone who said she was running a local fund raising event and wanted some of my stuff for free. Funnily enough I never heard back from her which disappointed me as she really did lay it on thick about my gorgeous products… Maybe if everyone received the same level of marketing email back from their own spam emails, they might start to think twice about it in future.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to scammers, who want to set up a dialogue with you…

There are 2 problems doing that:

A you can then be reported as a spammer which for a business can mean you can be fined as it’s illegal.

Also they now have your email address which can end up on lists that spammers often pass around to each other and you account will receive even more spam.