Photo enhancement Service

I’ve decided to have a go at offering photo enhancements on Folksy. I checked with admin and it’s fine to sell this service. I work with Photoshop and Lightroom, and can do cut outs, alternative backgrounds, brightening, etc. I’m trying to keep the prices as cheap as possible but cut outs can take hours to do, so each service is priced according to how much time it takes me.

I do all cut outs by hand on Photoshop rather than using specialist apps. I find this gives the most realistic, sharp and high quality finish. With magazines and publications now using 60% cut outs in their features, it’s handy to have at least one high res cut out on your shop items.

Not all of us have the props, cameras and locations to showcase our photos creatively, so I often photoshop mine with great results and I’ve had a few of them featured in magazines for this sole reason.


Hi All

I just wanted to say how pleased I am to see Maddie has been given permission by to offer her services to show of her talents adjusting poor photo shots of sellers products who like me just can’t get the lighting right without spending a lot of money on a good camera etc… I told her to approach them as they often say poor photos will not get sales!

I have made a good friend in Maddie and I asked her to try and improve some of my poor photography shots last year of my jewellery on a private payment arrangement prior to her adding this to her Folksy shop business.

I have been thrilled and flabacasted at her results on my poor jewellery products shots which appeared very dark. Since Maddie has done this service for me I have made sales on her improved lighting adjustments to some of my jewellery items.

I will be asking her to do more for me as my funds allow as I feel it’s money well worth spending. I only use high end gemstones some costing hundreds of pounds per 7" inch strands so having good photos of my products is a must for my business as it shows my customers the true beauty of some of the rarest expensive genuine gemstones available within the gemstone bead industry.

Please give her a try, I garantee you will not be disappointed with her service.

Regards to all

Demelza Designs