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Critique my shop please

Hi everyone,Folksy folks have always been so helpful! Thank you for all the advice you have given.
I have opened my shop recently.Nothing much is happening really.
Could someone critique my shop please.I would really appreciate your feedback. Please let me know what areas I need working on.
Thank you.

Hi there. Welcome to Folksy! One thing that jumps out for me is that some of the photos in your shop cut off part of the necklace. When you upload photos you need to check their appearance in your shop. Maybe need to pan out a little so the whole necklace is showing. Also if you want to be featured, Folksy staff need a little space so they can crop to square. Only looked at a few, but your tags seem ok. It does take time and lots of promoting to do well on Folksy, especially as jewellery is such a saturated and competitive market. Make sure you join some of the forums to get exposure and support. I am by no means a top selling expert though, and I’m sure you will get other good advice here from the lovely Folksy folks. Good luck with your shop, you have some pretty items.:blush:

Thank you very much for sparing some time to look at my shop.I am aware some photos show only part of the necklace.But if I fit full necklace in the thumbnail it hardly shows any details! I have uploaded several full photos as well,its only in thumbnails of some necklaces where not a full picture is seen.But will certainly take another look.
Thanks again.

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The reason the necklace are cut off is that the photos are not square and photos on Folksy need to be square. Simple solution. Resize them. No panning required.

PS A little puzzled by your postage. Free if they order one piece but 50p if they order two… as you advertise free UK postage I think you need to remove that .0.50 additional cost ?

Thank you for pointing that out. Have corrected the postage. Will sort out the photos soon. Thanks again.

Thanks for the correction!

Hi there,
I think your photos are clear and your products are attractive/reasonably priced, so no worries there. The only thing I might suggest is categorising items (maybe by style/item type/special occasion/length/price). Also, if you offer any matching bracelets/necklaces could you try listing them as a gift set?
I played around with the categories in my shop and listed things by theme (such as ‘adult humour’ and ‘cat lovers’) as well as by item types (hair accessories/cards/badges) etc and it made such a difference - the number of shop views and sales rocketed.
Good luck and happy selling!

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Thank you for your input. I will look into categorising my products.
Thanks again.