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Photo opinions please!

Hi folks, I would appreciate your feedback!
I sell lampshades and list my fabric options for them on here - it’s going pretty well :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of updating my listings to show a collage picture - lit lampshade/unlit/fabric as opposed to a single shot of a lampshade. It would take quite a while to do this but January is always a good time to review listings I think .

Which do you prefer ?


This is the listing right now :

Thanks xxx!

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Hi Dawn. Very pretty lampshade!! I do like the collage version, but think maybe the frame is a bit ‘heavy’, which distracts a bit from the item. Could you maybe make the black bits a little thinner?

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Yes you are right! - I went back after I posted this and have made it a bit thinner already :slight_smile:
Thanks x

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I always think your shades look stunning, and I have to say I prefer the original single photo.

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Thanks - it’s a tricky one, I always have plenty of extra photos I just wonder if people actual take the time to browse through them. Also the lampshades can look really quite different if light is on or off - is seeing both in one glance useful ?

I think the single one with the light on is so eye catching that it would be a shame to mess with it, two at once sort of waters it down for me. This fabric is so lush.

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I prefer the original photo on it’s own… definitely if I were going to share it on something like a Folksy Friday board. There collages put me off because it becomes a collage within a collage and too small to really see anything, and it can look a bit messy if one or two of the items have borders but others don’t.

I think it’d be fine as one of the photos (and a comparison of the material with the light on/off sounds like a good idea), but probably not as the first photo. Personally if I like an item I will look through all the photos, especially if I’m considering buying it. You also want the first photo to look eye catching when it’s small for the search page thumbnail, and a collage at that size might make it too hard to see what your item is.

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I’m doing a lampshade in each of the Daisychain fabrics that I have over next few weeks - apart from the lime green as I only have a tiny piece of that left now.



Good points - thankyou !

I agree with Kim about using it as one of the photos but not as the main one. Those colours are so fab!

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I prefer photo B for the main photo

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Gorgeous lampshade, I prefer B too.

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Much prefer the single photo but the collage is useful as an alternative.

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I think the single image will be more eyecatching when browsing thumbnails. It will jump out more.

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I think the main image for the lovely lampshade should be in daylight- it looks so pretty lit up but the overall effect is a dark image. Then after the main image on the listing have some of the lampshade lit up. x

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Thanks for your comments ! very useful

Interestingly the feedback from followers elsewhere favours the collage but must of you prefer the single image.

I might just have to trial a few over the next month or so and see what the views indicate as well.

I appreciate you all taking the time to give me your views!

Hi Dawn,
I prefer the single shot, I always think simple is best and you have a beautiful product so why complicate it?
May I ask you a question? what sort of camera do you use? I am having a problem with my photos as the colours on some are not ‘true’ and I’ve tried indoors, outdoors and with a professional light box (which was a waste of money!)


Hi Nina. thanks for kind comments.

I just use my iPhone Camera and do a bit of editing to sharpen and lighten mainly - nothing special I’m afraid . I have done a bit of search around house to get best spots and for my lampshades most are taken against an Olive Grey wall that seems to work well with non direct natural light from above ( velux window) and to the side . When lit they look good pretty much anywhere. Sorry haven’t really got any real technical advice !