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Photo Tent - Bargain!

I have an unopened 50cm photo tent which I’d like to sell to one of my fellow Folksy crafters. It’s brand new and unopened. I’m looking for £5 plus £2.50 to cover postage … is anyone interested?!

I should have added if you are interested I’ll raise a listing in my shop. It comes with blue, black, white and red backgrounds.

Just out of interest, why are you selling it?

Sam x

Never used it, and never likely to! More importantly at the moment we’re about to start major building work and I’m already drowning under the mess created by three small boys!! Seems a shame for it to end up damaged or lost when someone else could be using it!!

Hi Ali
I would like to buy this if you list it will purchase asap

Thank you, Mel. I’ve created a listing for you.