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Photography and selling tips!

(Charlotte Green) #1

Hi there!! Ive had a folksy shop for a while now, and whilst last year I paid the 45.00 for the pro account, I only sold one thing, so as you can imagine, this year Im just going to sell normally…

I have been researching and researching, Ive alo read the tips on numerous things but thought I’d give you guys a try as people always seem to be very helpful on here! So, first off…heres abit about me…

I make handmade silver jewellery. I use mainly silver but am also working with contemporary techniques such as resin, etc… so…

  1. Photography: I know they say to include a white background, a package photo, a scale photo, and a lifestyle photo…

I can do all the photos but maybe somebody can guide me as to what the best kind of lifestyle shot would be? ie backgrounds etc.

  1. When I first listed my jewellery I would put in about 10 items…I would never seem to get any traffic? What is the best way to get traffic to your shop? is it better to have a shop with say, 20 or more items in it?

  2. Price range…My work generally sits between 45-200…Is there a relatively “safe” price point to help sell your items, I don’t want to underprice myself but I also want to sell items! (most crafts peoples dilemma Im sure!!)

I know not every formula works for everyone, but if anyone of you fabulous people has any advice they would like to dish out I would be most grateful!! Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Charlotte aka AlexandraFlynn Jewellery

(Kim Blythe) #2

I would certainly say that you need more items in your shop…anyone looking now is only going to see 1 item…not really enough to keep them coming back. People like a choice. I normally try to have about 50 items, although I am a bit low at the moment after a busy Christmas.
Also, I clicked on your Facebook link and there is no link on your page back to your Folksy shop…how will people find your shop? You need to drive them to it. Your Twitter and Pinterest are the same…they are all directing people to your own website, not Folksy, so how will they know to come here?
I regularly post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Craftjuice…and all have links directing people to my Folksy shop.

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(Charlotte Green) #3

Thanks for the reply…There is only one item in my shop, as Im in the process of getting everything together, hence why none of my website and social media is linked to folksy! I Find it abit pointless until I have loaded everything onto my folksy shop.
Thanks for the advice, I will remember to link everything back to folksy! I’ve never heard of craftjuice! I will take a look.

(Liz Clark) #4

If you haven’t done so already, also look at the Folksy Blog as that has lots of tips. Also if you’re on Twitter, come and join lots of us sellers for #folksyhour, Tues 8-9pm and join in the chat.

(Charlotte Green) #5

Ok will do!! :slight_smile: Thanks!!

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(Dawn Sneesby) #6

Hi Charlotte, I agree you need about 50 items for potential customers to browse. I also noticed you haven’t put anything in your Meet the Maker section, tell people a little about yourself and how you make your jewellery.

Good luck with your shop I’m sure the sales will happen.