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Photos imported from Etsy

Hi, I am new join ! but Ive been with Etsy for years. Sales are very slow so I thought Id give Folksy a try. Love the site but having problems with photos. I have had my listing from Etsy sent to my new Folksy site and on reviewing them decided to renew my photos. My phone is 12mb. but Folksy only accept under 5mb. so the photos I am taking are too big to be uploaded. You can upload 10mb on Etsy so never had a problem. Is there a solution? I’m at a loss. I have still around 20 listings to edit so still a long way to go.

You can use a program like picasa to shrink the file size. They probably have an app. I’ve also seen the lightroom app recommended but I’ve not tried that one myself.

There’s an App called ‘Image size’ that’s very easy to use.

Thanks I’ll give it a try.

Thanks I’ll have look but not really tech savvy. I’ll get my daughter on the case!!

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I use a Mac and you can reduced the file size in the photo itself.

Many Thanks, Ive had a ‘Eurica’ moment and think I’ve got it but thanks for your time x

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