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Frustrations with Listing Items

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This is my first chat here at Folksy and I’m sorry its a bit of a moan!

I find the uploading of pictures very clunky at Folksy. It takes an age to upload and then Preview only to be told there is an error. My images are all below 4mb. Would be so helpful if you could save your draft without images after taking the time to write a beautiful listing, only then to be unable to save it because of the images not being the correct size.

Am I missing something here? Any tips would be hugely appreciated.

Bestest wishes
KT Forget Me Knot

Have you tried clearing your Internet history? Sometimes that courses problems with loading photos.

Welcome to the Forum Kate.
When I have previewed my listings previously, and clicked on the second, third etc. photographs I have had an error message. So I don’t think the listing system likes you checking the additional photos. I don’t know if that is what you have done. I had to relist the item, which was a pain.

Other more experienced Folksy sellers might give better advice. Or you can always check with Admin by sending them an email.

Good luck.

I always resize my photos which make the files very small and quicker to upload. All my images are under 1mb. I usually make my photos 800pixels square at a resolution of 72dpi on photoshop.
Unless there’s an issue with Folksy, I don’t have any problems uploading pictures. I think it is because I make the dimensions of the image smaller not just the file size.

Maybe if you struggle with your images you could make a 72 dpi ‘DRAFT’ image that you can quickly upload in order to save your drafts. Make it the smallest size file as possible.

Oh now that’s a good tip! I shall do this in future many thanks for all of your responses.

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Thank you for your help I’ll do that right away :grimacing:

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I agree that it is most likely to do with image size, an image of 800-1000px wide with an appropriate resolution will be well under 1MB in file size; the only time I’ve ever had any problems uploading images has been when I’ve accidentally tried to upload the original rather than the resized image.

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I use Photoshop and there is also a Save for Web button - it gets my 1200 pixel square images down to 200k or lower.


Whether I am listing here or on eBay, I always put my pictures on first, because it’s the trickiest bit, the bit most likely to be rubbish or go wrong. If I can get them on OK the rest is plain sailing, but if it doesn’t go right, I haven’t wasted time doing everything else only to have to do it again later.


Snap @plumporridge :blush:

I do exactly the same after learning the hard way, and spending lots of time on the listing only for it to fail on the photo upload.
I always now sort the image upload first and then fill out the details.


I upload the photos first as that way I know what item I’m planning on listing and that I actually have the photos for it after once crafting all the words and then going looking for the photos and realising that I hadn’t actually taken them. By the time I’d faffed about with the photos the internet had fallen over and lost my words - lesson learnt and photos are loaded first now.

Ah thank you! I didn’t realise you could upload and preview just the images first!! That’s a great tip many thanks for all the responses. :smiley: