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Photos on Twitter

(Quillextra) #1

When I select all my photos on Twitter, I only get about half of them? Thanks

(Silvapagan) #2

Are you trying to upload multiple photos to your twitter feed? I’m pretty sure it’s designed to just add one at a time, and to be honest a lot of people wouldn’t want to see loads of photos on a tweet.

Unless I’m misunderstanding your post.

(Samantha Stanley) #3

Hi Quillextra! You can get more than one photo on a tweet, and I tend to ignore tweets that have no photo unless they are on a hashtag I am following at the time. However, photos use up the number of characters you have to work with (Twitter only give you 100) so it limits what you can say. When I attach a pic to a tweet I only use one, so that I can talk about what I’m doing too!

Love Sam x

(Quillextra) #4

Many thanks to both your replies. I clearly didn’t explain myself. The problem is when I select "All photos " from my photo gallery it only shows about half of them. Of course it’s always the one you want that isn’t shown. I havn’t come across this issue anywhere else . Thinking there were too many to show at once I tried putting the photo I wanted into another folder and selecting that but it didn’t work. There must be an answer.

(Samantha Stanley) #5

Hmm-I must say I’ve never thought about doing this, but now you mention it I can see why you would want to. Sorry I can’t be any help here but I’m sure lots of other people will want to know the answer to this question!

Love Sam x