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Twitter pics!

Sorry if Im late to this but Ive just seen that pics come up when I add a link to my Twitter feed!! How brilliant!!


If you’re viewing twitter on a mobile, you can stop the photos from appearing. I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I thought I’d let you know, as you might be thinking that everyone sees them, when in fact they might not x

Yes, I’ve noticed that this week. Just checked and fortunately the pic’s show up on mine and my family’s mobiles, so let’s hope that lot’s of people see the same. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Any chance of people seeing pics is better than me having to trawl through all my pics and find images to go with the links.

Yes @DaisyWings photos appear as the standard setting on twitter when viewing on mobiles, you have to physically turn off the ‘image previews’ bit, which stops photos from automatically showing. I have ‘image preview’ turned off as it can drain your data allowance. So, if I want to see a photo, I have to click on the link in the tweet

Sorry if I sound silly how does this work is it when you add your shop address that the picture pops up?

I have just tried it and I get a grey box showing instead of a picture…:disappointed_relieved:
Am I doing something wrong?
I’m on my PC

Edit…they are showing now. Very strange why they didn’t show straight away.

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That makes things easier :slight_smile:

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