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Photos not showing in thread

A couple of us have noticed that photos aren’t showing any more on some of the promo threads I.e. Favourite something from the shop above etc
When we copy the link, the link is working, but the photo doesn’t show like it used to. Any chance of fixing this please? Thank you.:blush:

I saw this yesterday evening, but this morning everything is back to normal for me.

Edit; Oops - spoke too soon … one for @dougfolksy I think.

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Yes please @dougfolksy !

Photos don’t seem to be showing in some of the Alphabet showcase thread either.

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I’ve just noticed this too.

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Has this been sorted because I keep seeing the odd item description in showcase threads such as Alphabet Game with no photo?

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Still not sorted.:frowning:

This still seems to be happening. I notice some of the photos in “what I have listed today” are not there - just item descriptions. Mine seem to appear okay so I don’t know what is going on.

Hi all. I received this in an email from Folksy re: photos not displaying.

Hi there,

I’m afraid this looks like it may be a bug within the forums. We haven’t developed the forums ourselves and use Discourse forums, so it may be that we have to wait for an update from them to fix the issue, unless Doug has any other ideas when he sees the post.

In the meantime, you can use the “upload” feature to add photos to your posts (the 7th icon along when you’re posting).
If you would like this to be a clickable link, once you’ve added the photo, highlight the image code and then click the “hyperlink” icon (4th along), then put in your listing URL.

Thank you
Folksy Support

Hope this helps! Becca😊

That’s a bit of a disappointing reply but personally I like to see big clickable photos anyway rather than the tiny thumbnail one you get (or used to get) with just posting a link. I do realise it’s not as easy to do this though when using a phone.

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