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HELP! Have pressed every button, except the one I need!, Hubby changed pinterest password and now my folksy bit cant talk to my pinterest bit!! Where do I go in folksy to change the password so everything can talk to each other again??
Suzzie x

Shop Appearance

That’s where you put the links so I think that’s what you mean?

You don’t actually put your password in on folksy so I would imagine as long as you are logged in to pintrest go to dashboard, shop appearance (as Rachel said) and scroll down to pintrest link. Delete it and then re insert it. (If it doesn’t work first time try deleting it, saving and coming out and then go back in and re do link)
I’m only guessing but that’s what I would do.
Good luck. x

You need to reset your password for in pinterst in pinterest.

You’ll need to ask your hubbie what he’s changed the password to and tell him to not do it again as he’s causing you big problems.

In future I would make sure you have you own laptop and don’t allow him to touch it, and not allow him any access to any of your accounts. Keep your passwords secure.

Hello Eileen,
I know what he changed the password to in pinterest, but he didn’t tell my folksy shop of the change so now folksy wont talk to pinterest, I could have changed the pinterest password back, but decided to try and make folsy talk to pinterest. and that is where my problems have started!! I so wanted to try and solve this problem myself, with your help, because if I don’t learn… so now I don’t have a pinterest button on my folksy shop because when I copy my pinterest url into the relevant bit, it comes up as invalid!!! urghhhh.
Any more suggestions very welcome, obviously I can ask him to sort it out when he gets back, but until then,7pmish I will try anything, in the meantime I am going to knit something very small and very tight!!!
Suzzie x

I am just going to redo exactly as you have said, I’ll let you know
Suzzie x

Thanks gang, I am now cooking with gas! oh yeah! may even consider looking into google analytics, but then again ‘know your limits’ comes to mind, so a nice cuppa tea…thanks for all your help
Suzzie x

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