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(PollysWares) #2105

Have pinned this lovely cushion to my pinterest board

(Linda Austin) #2106

Absolutely gorgeous! Pinned to my Folksy weddings board

(Suzzie Godfrey) #2107

Pinning these to my folksy favourite board, they are unusual and make me smile xx

(Lynn Britton) #2108

Have pinned this beautiful coat hanger from Suzzie to my Wonderful Folksy Finds board.

(Linda Austin) #2109

I’ve pinned these to my ’ 80 Gifts For Birthdays and Special Days’ Board

( Carol ) #2110

Pinned these pretty earrings

(Lynn Britton) #2111

Pinned this beauty to my Crochet board

(Linda Austin) #2112

Pinned to my gift idea board

(Brenda Cumming) #2113

I pinned this to my arts and crafts board…I tried to pin it to my folksy board but it wanted me to be specific as to the area, so I hope my pin was successful

( Carol ) #2114

Pinned this pretty angel top from Brenda

(Sarah Thexton) #2115

Just loved and pinned this adorable set - oh I wish my daughter was still tiny sometimes!

(Sara O'Dwyer) #2116

Pinned this to my Woodland animals board

(Dee Brett) #2117

Hello! It’s my first time on this thread - I’ve not really gotten into Pinterest properly yet so hoping this will encourage me to use it a bit more! I’ve pinned these fab badges to my ‘Folksy gorgeousness’ board.

If anyone has time, would you mind having a look at my Pinterest & see if I’m pinning things properly? I just press the button & choose a board, but just noticed there is an option to add text etc - should I be doing that? I’ve noticed from above that maybe I should have different boards more around themes than just Folksy general…will be setting up some more boards & having a look through your shops for some ideas! :smile:

(Linda Austin) #2118

Wow, LOVE this from @OrukiDesign - Pinned to my Ladies Gift Board

I always check the description and add text if necessary, signpost where you want some one to go, make sure your pin goes to what it is showing. Remember Pinterest is basically a search engine. I have boards like 30 Gifts for People that Sew and 80 Gifts for Ladies/Women and 50 Gifts for Men. I have been reading a lot about Pinterest and I never knew it involved so much! I make all my personal boards with random stuff on secret boards. Feel free to have a look :slight_smile:

(Jennifer Leask) #2119

Definitely something I would wear

Pinned to my “Stuff I’d like to wear” board

(Suzzie Godfrey) #2120

Pinning this lovely bobble hat to my Folksy favourite board

( Carol ) #2121

I remember my nan having hangers like this. I’m not sure if she made them herself but she did knit.

(NeonneLuna) #2122

My Gran was the only really big knitter I knew and still have a few baby blankets that she made for me when my kids were born :slightly_smiling_face: Love this one…

(Linda Austin) #2123

If it has cats on it, I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Pinned to my Folksy Sellers - Promote folksy Board.

(steffiesvintagevaluables) #2124

I love this purple beaded bracelet. All pinned to my Folksy board.