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Curate your own Folksy Gift Guide with Pinterest

Fancy curating your own Gift Guide?

We’ll be selecting the best Pinterest boards curated by the Folksy Community (that’s you!) and publishing them as Gift Guides.

If your board is chosen, it will appear in the selection of Gift Guides on the homepage in the same way that staff-curated boards do, and on our Gift Guides page which is linked to across the site. You can include one of your own items, and the Gift Guide will link back to your Folksy shop (or a blog/social media profile if you are a buyer only, and don’t have a seller account on Folksy).

You can find community-curated boards published as ‘Wishlists’ in the Gift Guides here:

We will also be using boards as the basis for some of our Folksy Weekly buyer emails (which are sent directly to 70,000 subscribers weekly), and for sharing on Twitter.


Create a board on [][1] and pin your favourite items from Folksy. Boards with 15 or more items from Folksy will be considered, and the best boards tend to be on a theme (e.g. colour, subject, material, event).

NOW you can also add other pins to your boards that relate to that theme (eg DIY tutorials, recipes) - but please DON’T include products from other ecommerce sites or pins that link through to other online shopping platforms.

New to Pinterest? Click here to view an article about how it works >

The items that you pin from Folksy need to:

  1. Be available for sale
  2. Have great product images
  3. Look great together as a theme

Submit your boards here!

Even if your board is not selected, please keep your Gift Guides updated and share them on the Showcase forum and on your own social media channels - they’re a great way to drive traffic to your shop!

We need your submissions to make this work, so get Pinning and we look forward to seeing your selections!



What do you mean ‘if you don’t have shop on Folksy’? Are you saying sellers and shops not on Folksy can submit boards and get advertised?

No, not other shops! We have had a few buyers and bloggers submit boards before though which we’re happy to consider.

Good point though, I’ll edit the guidelines to make that clearer!

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Still submitting boards here, it’s a tea-break occupation :slight_smile:

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Two new Collections published in the Gift Guides today: by @littleRamstudio by @daisybeth

Please keep curating and submitting your collections here and yours could be featured next:


Ooh lovely.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Summer Holiday

Oh no, I’ve now become even more obsessed with Pinterest since seeing this!

Have just submitted my first board, and have another two on the way, including a Folksy Wedding one seeing as I’m newly engaged :smiley: (wow, I manage to get that it to a lot of conversations these days!) :blush:


Congratulations! Do we get to see the ring?

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Thank you!! If I knew how to upload a picture I’d definitely show you!

When you’ve got the text box up to write your reply you’ll see a series of icons above the box. 6th from the left is a square with a ‘mountain and sun’ in it click on that, highlight ‘from a device’ and click on ‘browse’, find your photo and click on upload…
Can’t wait to see it!

Ah, I can’t see any symbols! Maybe it doesn’t work the same on a phone? I have an upload button but that doesn’t seem to do anything!

my two folksy gift guides on Pinterest:

I’ve submitted mine! With a summery, floaty, fluttery feel. :bug:

Nothing better than spending a rainy afternoon pinning! Here are my efforts.

Hi, I have just submitted my first attempt - a Folksy Floral theme board.

Hi Zoe. Thanks for submitting your board. We’ve got a really similar one called the Folksy Flower Show, so I’ve added a lot of your suggestions to that one. There are quite a few makers in there I haven’t seen before, so thank you for highlighting them for me, it’s really great!

You can see the floral gift guide here

We’ve also followed you on Pinterest!

Hi everyone!

When you’re coming up with an idea for your gift guides, it’s great if you can think about trends.

What’s happening in the magazines, on Pinterest, on blogs, or even on the catwalk?
What are the hottest colours or colour combinations?
Are there any trends you’ve spotted that we haven’t featured on Folksy?

Have a look through our gift guides and see what’s already been done, because if it’s a new theme and we haven’t got something similar, it’s more likely to get featured. Have a think how the guides might get picked up by searches on Google too - what are people searching for?

Here’s one we’ve just added, which is curated by Rosie @tangledtendrils

We love seeing them all - so please keep them coming!

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Thanks for including my board, it’s really given me a lift as I have been finding it challenging not only getting the hang of using social media but also using it effectively!