Folksy Ltd

Anyone going to Trawden Agricultural Show tomorrow?

(Louise Foot) #1

And if so what time does it start? I’ve been scouring the website but can’t find times anywhere. I’ve seen the main events start at 10. Wondering what time to arrive ?

(Rachel) #2

Sorry only just seen this, did you have a nice time?

(Louise Foot) #3

Hi Rachel, no worries. I didn’t do very well really. Bit gutted as last year there was no where near as many through the gates ( over 50% below average owing to non stop torrential rain), I had less of a product range & my packaging (as you’ll know) was, shall we say, in need of some work & I took twice as much as today. There was another (big bold) soap seller given prime spot in the marquee entrance though. Bet you wish you’d never asked but thanks for doing so x

(Rachel) #4

I like your packaging, and what a shame that the door was low, it was the Lancashire and the Skipton show though too