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Post Office Drop & Go

(Sonia Adam) #1

My PO were not happy to see me this morning (only 7 packets but mainly overseas) & the helpful chap gave me a Drop & Go’ leaflet. Does anyone use this service & would you recommend it?

(Sara Harvey) #2

Hi Sonia, I use drop and go. But I often don’t ‘go’ just wait anyway, but the card is good cos they often have deals on for drop and go customers. Last month it was 'send large parcel for the price of small, and a couple of months back if you topped your card up to £50 they added £20! not bad in my book x

(Eskimo Circus) #3

Oooh I have never heard of drop and go! What is it? We usually pay online for postage then print it out on a label.

(Sonia Adam) #4

From what I understand it’s a service for business & internet sellers. You use a pre-paid card & can use a dedicated PO counter to drop off packages. You can pick up your proof of postings later or next time you’re in. I think you can get special deals when you top-up your card as well.

(Jo Sara) #5

I was offered Drop & Go even though my post office doesn’t have a dedicated counter. So I would still have to queue to get to the counter but when I’m there I just hand over the manifest, which you print out yourself - - then leave all the parcels with them, and collect the receipts next time I’m in. They were selling it to me that there would be offers on the parcel services, but as there is a general offer on Small Parcels at the mo anyway I don’t think Drop & Go will be doing anything on that service anytime soon, and that’s the main service I use. So really, for the sake of waiting 5 mins while they process the parcels, I’m not in a hurry to join up. I can see how it would be useful if your post office has a dedicated window, and you were sending large amounts of parcels at a time. I’m only ever sending up to 4 because that’s all I can carry. Bird baths are blinking heavy :slight_smile:

Edit. Here’s the main overview of the service

(Stephanie Pearce) #6

I leave a float at the post office and drop my parcels off then pick the receipts up the next day when I drop the next lot of parcels off.

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #7

Wow your Post Offices are advanced… I would have to into Reading town centre to get one that modern and at this time if year I could queue 30 minutes to get into a car park !!! The ladies in my Post Office are lovely but they are so slow I’m surprised their bodies don’t seize up and one lady will start emptying rubbish, go off for a drink of tea and generally start tidying up, no matter how long the queue is !!! I dread having to go in my lunch break as I only get an hour and I can spend 30 minutes just waiting to be served !

(Ronald Koorm) #8

Not used the drop-off service, but can sprint in less than five minutes to my local post office, which is run by two charming ladies, and they are super- efficient, lightning-fast, and very professional.

They even give tips on avoiding the higher postal charges in preparing packages to keep costs down, and even lent me their Sellotape once !

Just hope enough people keep on using them, so they don’t ever close down.

(Christine Shephard) #9

Something to think about if I ever sell enough to make it worthwhile :smile:

(Rosesworkshop) #10

My nearest post office is in a shop, so no drop and go counter. But they are open extra long hours, so there’s rarely a queue.