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Postage query

Hi - I’ve just received an advice from Folksy that someone has ordered a picture and a card, but I notice the postage wasn’t added on. The picture is listed as 0.00 and the card is listed as £1.00 or 35p for additional items. My understanding of how the postage worked was that for these two items, the postage charged should be £1. Have I misunderstood things - for this order it doesn’t matter as I had accounted for free postage in the sale price of the artwork, but if I had say a free postage card and then someone ordered a print that does attract a postage fee, wouldn’t I get the postage in that scenario??

I’m not totally sure, but if the picture was the most expensive item then that would be the one that the postage cost would be based on…if you had a additional amount for postage on that item then maybe that would have been added, but if you had nothing in the ‘additional item’ box then nothing would be added. This is only a guess from the way I see it as working.

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Thanks for getting back to me - that’s a bit mad though isn’t it?!

@folksycontent - is this correct? Just because I might be happy to send an artwork out with free postage, doesn’t mean I am happy to send the rest of my shop out without postage - what would happen if (not much chance I accept!!) if I sold two artworks, one with free postage because it was a special deal and one with a postage fee. That means I can’t set an individual postage offer, I have to have either free postage on everything or nothing…

From the folksy blog

How should I price additional postage on my items?

When you sell on Folksy you have the option to set an ‘Additional Postage’ rate on your items. This allows you to discount the cost of postage on multiple purchases, ie if someone buys more than one item from your shop.
If a buyer purchases more than one item from your shop and you haven’t set an ‘addition postage’ rate, they will be charged the full postage price on each item.
If you enter a ‘0’ into the ‘additional postage’ boxes, postage will only be charged on the item with the highest rate of postage. Postage will be free on all other items in the order.
If you specify a rate in the ‘additional postage’ boxes, full postage will be charged on the item with the highest rate of postage, and all other items in the order will be charged at their ‘additional’ rate.
To encourage shoppers to order multiple items in your shop, set your additional postage costs as low as possible to cover packaging, or at ‘0’. to offer free postage on additional items.
If you do offer free postage on additional items, shout about it in your product descriptions!

So from reading that you should have recieved the postage for the card as that is the highest rate for the 2 items. Maybe the system got confused because the card has additional postage set at 35p whilst the picture has nothing entered. (I’m assuming the order has been paid for because if you recieve the problems paying email it does say that postage hasn’t been added and you need to do that)

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Hi Heidi. It should charge postage for the item with the highest postage cost first and then it adds on the postage costs for any other items at their additional rate.

But in your first post you said postage hasn’t been added on. Does that mean it was an unpaid order and the customer requested alternative payment? If so, the postage won’t have been added on at all, and you’ll need to invoice the customer.

Hi Heidi. Me again. We’ve checked the order and it was by ‘alternative checkout’ so postage won’t have been added. This happens when the customer is having problems paying with Paypal or their debit/credit card or doesn’t want to use Paypal. We can’t include the postage in these cases as we don’t know where they are based (because they haven’t been through the Paypal checkout system).

You should have received an email from us with instructions about what to do, but basically you need to invoice the customer and include the postage costs. This blog post explains more

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Hello - yes this was an order which the customer wanted to pay by card and not via their business paypal. I didn’t include it on the invoice, my oversight, but I’m not worried as the main order was a lovely large artwork (thank you lovely customer!!) so the inclusion of the card is neither here nor there. I now understand the process better so if it happens again, I can deal with it accordingly.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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