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Postage and additional costs question!


I hope you can help as I’m not sure how this works best.

This seems to have become more complicated than it probably is, but how does this work in terms of someone buying multiple varied items from you.

Does it just take the highest postage cost of one item and then if you have added additional costs per item does it then charge the additional costs for all the other items they buy?

If you add additional costs to some items and not to others how does the postage then work if someone buys different items.

It’s seems difficult as prices and weights of items will vary and of course we cannot predict what combination of items people will buy if they do so. So not sure if there is a best way to do things and when and when not to put additional costs in the pricing box?

So can you end up overcharging or undercharging?

I’m not sure if i sm explaining myself well…


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There’s this over on the Folksy Blog

You can scroll down to this bit :slight_smile: it all sounds more complicated than it is.

How should I price additional postage on my items?

** When you sell on Folksy you have the option to set an ‘Additional Postage’ rate on your items. This allows you to discount the cost of postage on multiple purchases, ie if someone buys more than one item from your shop.**
** If a buyer purchases more than one item from your shop and you haven’t set an ‘addition postage’ rate, they will be charged the full postage price on each item.**
** If you enter a ‘0’ into the ‘additional postage’ boxes, postage will only be charged on the item with the highest rate of postage. Postage will be free on all other items in the order.**
** If you specify a rate in the ‘additional postage’ boxes, full postage will be charged on the item with the highest rate of postage, and all other items in the order will be charged at their ‘additional’ rate.**
** To encourage shoppers to order multiple items in your shop, set your additional postage costs as low as possible to cover packaging, or at ‘0’. to offer free postage on additional items.**
** If you do offer free postage on additional items, shout about it in your product descriptions**

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To add to what has already been posted, you can always refund any excess postage.
I had a few multiple purchases of small items last year where the postage paid was a lot more than it cost. For example one lady bought a lot of small items and ended up paying around £8 postage…when I posted it I only paid around £4.50 so I refunded her £3.00. I have stated in my ‘buying from me’ section that I will refund excess postage…

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Thank you Jan! X

Thanks Kim!