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Postage to Germany post BREXIT

HI there
Do I need to do anything differently if I send items to Germany since BREXIT please? DO we need to complete a customs form etc? I send via the post office / royal mail

Yes, as I understand it you’ll need to fill in a CN22 customs label (as you would for posting to the US etc pre Brexit, now it’s the same for all EU countries too). Think that’s the main change.

Thank you Lucy, yes thats what I thought. Do you know if we need a EORI number now? Or is that mainly for bigger companies?
What a palava!!!

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AND I did read that now the recipient may need to pay import taxes too, but I have no idea what they may be!

The advice seems to be that you’re supposed to have an EORI number if you send goods to another country at all, so I applied for one even though I’m just a sole trader. It was really straight forward to do - you fill in an online form and they issue a number straight away.

That said, I send by Royal Mail too and as far as I know they use their own EORI number so there’s no need to actually include your own number on the packaging as it stands! I think If sending using other couriers, some of them ask for your EORI number upfront.

Thank you Lucy, that’s helpful! I need to send something to Germany and just checked online and dont THINK they put on a customs charge at the moment - due to the trade deal that came in on Jan 1st, so think I am covered there.
Do you know anything about the packaging register in Germany, for anything being sent there now?

Also msg 2!) how do yo use the EORI number on a package you are posting via the Post Office - where do you write it?!

No idea about packaging registers I’m afraid! With taxes I put a note (I think in shop policies and in my about section) which lets international buyers know they may be charged taxes in their own country and encourages them to check the rules where they are before ordering. It’s something that’s out of our control and the rules and rates are different in each country, so I think the best we can do is make buyers aware.

No need to put an EORI number at all on Royal Mail ones as far as I’m aware. I just fill in any info asked for on the CN22 label.

Thank you Lucy this is really helpful. I just went to get an EORI number and turns out I already have one anyway! It must have happened when I registered my business.
OK, thats one thing ticked off. Thank you for your help and good luck with sales!
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Ah that’s easy then! I hope you wrote it on your to-do list and instantly ticked it off :laughing:

Ha Ha yes I have a VERY productive To Do list today!!!

Yup, you need to put a Cn22 customs label on. Also need to add Commodity HS code and the EORI number, both these numbers can be got on GovUK website.

Ah I have an EORI number but the Commodity HS code is new to me!

Might be worth checking about packaging. It’s my understanding ( but please put me right if I’m wrong) that you need to be registered and pay the annual fee if you are sending to Germany. It is to cover the cost of processing / recycling the waste generated. Good idea really.

Hi yes you are right - I’m just trying to find a good recycling partner that is within budget!

Hello everyone

Hope you are all well today.

Just a quick note slightly related to EORI number. I found out last week you need a separate EORI number to ship to Northern Ireland. I have my new number now, (by email only at the moment - not received in the post). It is the same number as the other on but instead of GB at the front it has XI at the beginning. Surprised this has not been advertised like the regular one.

Hope this helps you all xx