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Posting pictures

(Nikki Hurrell) #1

Hi i am having problems posting pictures on here . I wanted to showcase a cushion this morning - I managed to copy the link but a small picture didn’t appear . I am doing this on my iPad as my computer isn’t working at the moment - can someone advise ?

(Jo Sara) #2

Hi Nikki,

First of all open up one tab with the page that’s got your item on, and another tab with the forum on.

When you get the reply box up on a forum post you’ll see what looks like a mountain in a picture frame in the menu at the top. Press that, click on the From Web button, then click the Show More link at the bottom right. Go to your item page and right click on the picture you want to use, choose Copy Image URL and paste that into the top Link to Image box in your forum reply. Then copy the item page URL out of the search bar at the top of the item page and paste that into the box that says Link image will Point to in the forum reply. Press the blue Upload button bottom left and you should get a preview in the box to the right of where you’re typing your reply.

Hope that makes sense.


(Louise Flude ) #3

If I use my ipad to upload photos to here I usually upload them from my camera roll, or upload them to flickr then grab and paste the link in the reply box, but not sure if this is the easiest way to do this on an ipad :slight_smile: