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Posting to africa & india

Hi, i was wandering if any of you have posted to india or africa, i have 3 times now and each time, the item has’nt arrived and i’ve refunded the buyer. I wander if these are not very reliable countries to post to

I have had issues with India and a parcel seemingly getting stuck forever at a customs clearing centre in Dehli. I would only agree to ship to places like India/ Africa/ latin America if a customer had contacted me before hand and the shipping was appropriately tracked/ insured.

I’ve had issues with posting to South Africa and India via RM. Orders to India tend to take forever, but orders to South Africa just get lost or never get delivered, one order I sent to South Africa was returned to me 6 months later!

I’ve had issues sending to India, but I’ve also sent things no problem. Never had a problem sending to African countries.