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Does anyone ship to South Africa?

Does anyone ship to south Africa? I love folksy and would like to buy xmas gifts here.x

I don’t see why not. Is there any reason it would be a problem? Strict customs/restrictions? Would it be any different from shipping to USA etc.

I’m sure there are lots who would ship overseas even if they don’t say they will if you see something you like and contact them I’m sure most would quote you a shipping price.

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Yes, we ship to SA :smile:

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I’m sure most shops probably sell to SA. If you find an item you want to buy and the option to ship to SA isn’t listed, you could simply contact the shop owner and enquire. I can’t imagine it could possibly be a problem?

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Actually on another level this is an interesting one as a lady on Etsy was saying she had lost sales FROM SA because people were afraid of catching Ebola!!!..I felt really sorry for her!

I’d be happy to ship to South Africa, can’t see any reason why not. I ship all over the world and (fingers crossed) never had any problems, including New Zealand, USA etc.

oh good I am getting ready for xmas shopping.

I ship worldwide and, like Claire, have never had any problems yet

Worldwide, no problem!

I’ll send anything anywhere, and I have a 20% off sale on at the moment!..

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Yep I ship worldwide but I’ve not had any sales on the African continent yet though.

If sellers ship worldwide, I think the only restrictions might be whether or not Paypal is accepted in all countries.
I do know that Paypal is not acceptable in some South American countries but don’t know about South Africa.

Shirley x

I ship to everywhere although I’ve never had any orders from South Africa :slight_smile:

Hi Astrid, @Blingcards I sent an item recently to South Africa, I sent it via Royal Mail on tracked and signed for. We received an email from the mail that they had tried to deliver but the customer was not in, and if it was not collected within 7 days it would be returned to us. We contacted the customer they had not been advised that the post office had tried to deliver. We rang the post office in South Africa and they were very very helpful they gave us the SA tracking number and which post office the package had been delivered to. I would have no hesitation in sending to SA also the package arrived faster than a package sent to America 2 days earlier.

ok good there has been a huge strike so it might take time for that all to clear up. It was over two weeks. Have a great day Hazel.

with pleasure:-)

Yes, I do. I have a postage price to “rest of the World” on all of my items.

I post all over the world although I have not got the postage up on my items but people usually e mail and ask, might have to look into putting postage up, Astrid I
hope you find some lovely things to buy from Folksy…Annabella x

Yes, and had no problems :smile:

yes i would,it would be a new experience for the minute all cards are buy 1 get 1 half price

My range of prints and greeting cards can be sent anywhere in the world - Xmas range coming soon.