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Posting to Dubai

Hi, has anyone ever sold anything to a customer in Dubai? Any advice on sending knitted tea cosies in the post there. Is there likely to be any problems with customs etc. Thanks Claire.

Hi @HookandLoop I would recommend sending it RM International Tracked and Signed and to add the customers phone number to the outside of the parcel

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Thank you @millyandpip . Do you think the customer would mind being asked for their phone number? I will definitely send it signed for and tracked. That’s great advice. Thanks Claire

I wouldn’t have thought so @HookandLoop RM advise to put it on the parcel, so I think it’s quite normal to do so for Dubai :0)

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I haven’t been able to find a list of what they won’t let you import but this page gives general guide lines (you need to scroll to the bottom)
I doubt your tea cosies will cause moral corruption so you should be fine on that count. It looks like the recipient will have to pay customs duty (5% of the invoice value) so you need to remember to include an invoice (possibly in one of those pockets stuck on the outside). They also don’t allow imports from certain countries so a printed piece of paper stating that the item was made in the UK (possibly including the origin of the yarn as well) would be a good idea. That might all be over kill but better that than have it get stuck in customs. (

Thank you so much @SashaGarrett for this information. I shall have a read through tomorrow. Really excited to have a customer from Dubai but was a little worried about sending it. Thank you Claire x