Preserving a rose help!

A friend sent me this via social media this morning, any help appreciated.

i have a question about art that a friend of mine needs help with. she wants to preserve her daughters funeral rose somehow, preferably in a block of glass of plastic - do you have any ideas or knowledge of this or other ways to do it PLEASE?

It needs to be done quickly as she doesn’t want the rose to wilt.
Any ideas.

I know you can dry roses using silica gel, not sure about preserving them in glass though. I’ve read that you can hang the flowers upside down to dry for a couple of weeks before arranging them in a snow globe or something similar. I’ve never tired it though so can’t vouch for it.

Hi there are or were some useful videos on Utube about this, also I have seen other articles on google, I suggest that you first try Utube and then if no luck try putting in Preserving Roses in glass etc . I hope this may help a little and I really hope that you can create something beautiful for your friend. Jacqui