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New shop Gabrielle

(Bitsandbobsboutique) #1

Hi I am a little hesitant at opening a shop online. I work with pressed flowers do you think it would be a good thing to open one? I am quite old now and like doing this as a hobby.I have opened the shop but still need to build some confidence to add things.Many thanks in advance Gabrielle.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Pressed flowers are always lovely and great to use in card making.

I would give it a go :smile:
and welcome

Oh I can’t seem to find the link to your shop. It’s usually next to your name

What is your shop name?

(Sasha Garrett) #3

Welcome to Folksy. I’ve seen people using pressed flowers in cards and in jewellery so I’m sure there is a need for good quality pressed or dried flowers. Be prepared to have to promote your shop though to find the people who use these things.

(Bitsandbobsboutique) #4

Thank you Eileen I think I willl give it a go am going to stock up the shop tomorrow I called the shop bits and bobs boutique. As I will also sell candles with pressed flowers on and other items. Lovely today. Im out and about. Gabrielle.

(Bitsandbobsboutique) #5

Thank you so much Sasha yes I am thinking of going to craft shows although old my daughter has the energy!

(Sasha Garrett) #6

If you love pressing and drying flowers you might want to consider tapping into the bridal/ wedding market - some brides want dried/ pressed flowers as confetti or scattered as table decorations (I know this as I spent one summer drying lavender and delphinium flowers for a friend’s wedding as she was horrified at how much it was going to cost). You could take custom orders to get the right colour for their scheme dependant on you having a big enough flower garden obviously!

(Bitsandbobsboutique) #7

I will give that a try to Sasah we are lucky enough to have an ok size garden in London so I will try it out.I never did think of that. Thank you kindly for your advice.Things are very expensive today. I would like to keep the cost of the cards down around 99p or so. with an envelope.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

I think that’s extremely cheap for a hand made dried flower card.

Don’t forget you’ll need to factor in not just your materials and time but folksy costs and paypal charges.

(Margaret Jackson) #9

Hi Gabrielle, your pressed flower cards sound lovely, but please don’t price them too cheaply. People who shop on here appreciate all the work that goes into handcrafted goods and are prepared to pay for them. I moved your thread to craft talk for you, hope you don’t mind but I thought it the best place for it as we’re discussing your crafting :slight_smile:

(Rebecca Hart) #10

Best of luck Gabrielle😀 Pressed flowers are lovely and what you do sounds great. I would agree with Eileen, and not price too cheaply, as folk may not think they are getting a quality product.

Rebecca x

(Tina Martin) #11

Hi Gabrielle, I think pressed flowers are a great idea, yes, give it a go and welcome to Folksy! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Tina Martin) #12

and I love your orange rose! :slight_smile:

(Roz) #13

Sounds lovely. I have used pressed flowers in my crafting in the past and found mixed flower packs hard to source for a reasonable price so providing supplies as well as crafted items might work. Don’t price too cheaply, sometimes cheap items will not even get any views as it is assumed they are no good. Also make sure your shop has a good number of items to look at so customers can browse a bit. Good luck.

(Bitsandbobsboutique) #14

Goodmorning and Thank you Louisa I will try to work out all the costs today. Thank you so much and have a lovely weekend.Best Gabrielle.

(Bitsandbobsboutique) #15

Thank you I am going to work out the pricing and put a few online today. Am going for a pic nick later on. Best Gabrielle.

(patsimcox) #16

I think the lovely thing about what you are doing is that it is quite different and should get noticed because of that and hopefully sell more than the run of the mill stuff. Have a go and good luck with it !!

(Bitsandbobsboutique) #17

Thank you Patsim I have been doing it for so long and yet never tried to sell any of the cards. I will be making some candles this week and other odds and ends.