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Ideas for recycled packaging

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

Id love to make and sell items I make from glass but Im always put off by the small fortune id have to spend on things like bubble wrap so itl be safe in the post.
The other day I was thinking, my dad has a shredder and we get newspapers on a daily basis, so I could shred the paper and use that. One layer of bubble wrap around item then the shreddings, then all in a box.

What other ideas have you come up with to save on packaging costs?

(Rachel) #2


I cut the bottom off a milk carton and create a folded box from this. Inside I put tissue paper and then tape it down. It protects delicate items in the post as it is a little bit more robust than bubble wrap, but bulkier so has to be incorporated into the cost of posting. I found the idea on pinterest so will see if I can find you the link. Rachel

(Rachel) #3

Here’s the link


(Grimm Exhibition) #4

Great idea, will work well for some xmas decs Id like to sell/post.

(Marg) #5

A great ideal Rachel. Do you then wrap it in brown paper or put in a large envelope. Marg. x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

Brilliant idea Rachel I will use that idea myself.

(Plumporridge) #7

Great thread! I have used tissue paper from old dressmaking patterns for wrapping, and plastic takeaway trays for boxes. This week we bought a book on e-bay and it came wrapped in paper recycled from a book, lovely thick pages, it was perfect.

(Rachel) #8

Put them in a brown padded envelope, and they do seem to cope well with posting. Its not my idea its one I found on pinterest :smiley: