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Price categories in an item search

Have you noticed when searching for an item that the price categories overlap? Eg £5-15, £15-25, £25-50, etc. I can understand why this is, because a category labelled £25.01-£50 looks a bit clunky! But I have only just realised that an item listed at £25 appears in the lower category, not in the higher one. This is my question - is an item more likely to sell when it’s at the top end of a cheaper price range or at the bottom end of a more expensive one? I suspect the latter is the case, so I’m inclined to increase the price of my £25 items slightly to see what happens. What do you think?

That’s interesting Patricia, I’ve never noticed that before. I’d also feel the latter would be the case. Elaine

Hmm, I’ve got lots of £15 items and I think you’re probably right about them being better at the bottom of the next bracket up rather than the top of the lower bracket but would £15.50 look odd as a price?

No I think that looks fine Sasha. I sometimes add the odd 50p to the price!

Shame there is no bulk edit price option.

As a maths teacher, I spend a great deal of time telling y11 students not to have overlapping categories. Slightly ironic therefore to see this post.

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You can use this example to reinforce the importance of a good education in Maths!

I’d never considered this before, I think I might need to edit some of my prices too. Thanks for sharing!