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Confused or is it me?

I was trying to search for "gifts under £5"
but i was getting expensive items among the search.
How come this is happening. Even clicking on Folksys link included items more expensive.
Are the tags really working as they should?
Anyone else confused??

I don’t think folksy tags are working properly, I did the same thing and it came up with more expensive items, also lots from the same shops. Also, when I put in a search for my own items, they tend to come up on page 27 or below. I’ve tried rewording, everything and anything. So the tags are broken, and if you want to buy gifts £5 and under, you want to find that and a variety, it’s not doing anyone any favours :sob:

What kind of search are you using, Lindsay? Are you typing “gifts under £5” into the search engine?£5&commit=Search
There will be results in that search that are over £5 unfortunately as it brings back all results that match those words, even if they’re not under £5. You can filter that search those so it just shows items under £5 (so £4.99 and under) or between £5-£15 (this will include items priced at £5 and over). Or you can sort the search to show the lowest priced items first.

We do have a Gifts under £5 gift guide (I need to add some more things!) -£5 Some items in there are occasionally over £5 but that’s because the price has gone up at some point after we’ve added it. I’ve just been through it and removed any I spotted that had crept up.

I searched for gifts under £5. Showing loads of stuff unrelated. So I don’t think the tags are working as it should. Don’t understand how something for £15+ would appear over a specific item with a tag for gifts under £5

@Amberlilly - did you type the whole phrase ‘gifts under £5’ into the Folksy search box?

Because I just did that and so I get every listing that contains the words ‘gift’, ‘under’, the number ‘5’ and the ‘£’ symbol. So you can in theory get a listing that has a title of ‘Offer - 5 Cats Under Bridge gifts brooches for just £40’. The listing would be £40 but the search has correctly identified there were the words ‘gifts’, ‘under’ ‘5’ and ‘£’ within it.

Typing any phrase into the search engine box only matches items that have the same words as the phrase you have input, it doesn’t sort out the gifts into a price hierarchy. So it doesn’t think to itself, 'I’ll search for ‘gifts’ and then order the listings so that the ones for £5 and under appear first, because in computer language the search box can only deal with one instruction (find this phrase) and not two separate steps (firstly- find this phrase and then secondly - sort into numerical order).

The only way you can achieve what I think you are after, is I guess to type the word ‘gift’ into the search box, and then click the left hand navigation, under the heading Price, and the option ‘Under £5’. You should then get about 7k worth of gift suggestions all under the monetary price of £5.

Hope that helps.


Yes I understand. I was searching for the items that had it in their tags, so just guessed it searched for the phrase? Which was what I wanted it to search for. So am I wrong in my thoughts? @HeidiMeier

No I don’t think you are wrong. The problem is we don’t know exactly how the search box works and how it relates to the tags.

I’m not sure that if you have words in a tag that aren’t repeated elsewhere eg title, body text etc) then I am pretty sure even though they might be included in the tags, they won’t show up in a phrase search.

So for example, I have items which have had a word in the tags (can’t remember the exact example but let’s say it was ‘ginger cat’) and when I have checked the phrase ‘ginger cat’ in the search box, there may only have been half a page of exact matched listings, and mine didn’t appear amongst them.

So unless someone has ‘gifts under £5’ in their listings tags and it’s also repeated elsewhere, I think(??) I’m right in saying those results won’t appear.

Is that correct @folksycontent? I raised this in a topic a week or so ago, and came back with some examples of where I knew I had descriptions in the listing which weren’t then being ‘caught up’ in the results when I searched on said phrase. I’m just out of the door soon but when I’m back later will try to find that thread again.

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PS - were you trying to find your items in your search or were you browsing the site for general ideas of gifts below £5.

@HeidiMeier I was looking for mine.
I have a Category with £5 and under. Thinking it may trigger search results somehow? I may have just got it all wrong, but while Searching found lots over £5.

@Amberlilly, if you were hoping to find items from your collection in your shop, which you’ve named £5 and under, I don’t think that would work. I’m pretty certain that searches don’t pick up collection names. Is that what you were trying to do?

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Yes I was hoping so @PocketfulCreations

That probably wouldn’t work then. I don’t think the titles chosen for collections are picked up in any way by the search.

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