Folksy Ltd

Printing Receipts

(Nana Louise Nielsen) #1

I’ve noticed for the last month or two that the folksy logo doesn’t get printed along with the rest of the receipt.
I just get the “Modern British Craft” tagline. Anyone else have this problem?

Also Folksy people if you are reading - the Folksy blog still links to the old forums.

(Stephanie Guy) #2

@sianfolksy1 tagging you so that you can get the blog link fixed

(Nana Louise Nielsen) #3

Ahh thanks Stephanie :o)

(Sian ) #4

I’ll check the receipt issue out next week. If it’s a bug/broken I’ll add to bug list.
I’ll add update blog link to to-do list!

(Sian ) #5

You’ll be pleased to know I just learned how to update the blog. Link updated :smile:

I’ll check the receipt thing out on Tuesday.

(Nana Louise Nielsen) #6

Ace. Thank you :o)