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Printmakers the forgotten art?

(Debbie Todd) #1

Hello everyone,
I am just dropping by with a question for fellow printmakers… I wondered if like me you feel that printmakers get a bit of a raw deal when it comes to exposure on the front pages. I know that it is a bit of a unusual art genre, so many differing types, woodblock, Lino cut, collagraph and etching etc, but they are all so different really. Just as different as an illustration is to a water colour or a acrylic painting, and yet they are afforded their own sections for buyers to search.
What do you feel fellow printers?
Or am I just a winger?
Please see a sample of my work, the process is very time consuming, and the prints are not wizzing out of a machine, they are each printed by hand.

(Iguana49) #2

Hi, I like your etchings very much, they’re striking and unusual. But I’m not quite sure what you are saying - there is an etching category.

However there is nothing for papercuts, which bugs me!

(Alison Deegan) #3

Hi Debbie,

I wonder if you have missed the individual categories under Printmaking? I think on the whole that printmaking is quite well represented on the front page, there are usually one or two on there, though there is a leaning towards lino prints,I guess because there are a lot more of them than any other print type.

I really like your point about your prints ‘not wizzing out of a machine’. It does annoy me when I see sellers who really should know the difference listing their digital reproductions under the Printmaking section. Rant over :wink:

Love your prints btw


(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #4

I agree that there needs to be more distinction made between a Hand Pulled Original Print and a “print” of a piece of art-work. People sell Giclee prints as though they are super-special one-of-a-kind items, when in reality, they are just digital reproductions - albeit high quality repros.
Maybe a photo in your listings, of part of the print-making process - even a collage print with four photos in a square block, to show different stages in the process? At least it shows that there are stages to it and that the item is truly hand made?