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Spring Clean time on Folksy?

We are delighted that Folksy reworded the header on the Printmaking section to include this statement -

Print making is a very traditional artform. Shop limited edition prints from British based artists. Wood cuts, lino cuts, etchings, engravings, letterpress and screen printed works of art.

Which succinctly described what the category encompasses. Only problem is the Printmaking section is getting cluttered with digital/giclee prints, which have their own section under Other Art/Prints and Digital Art. We can understand that if the digital prints are from an original linocut/screenprint/woodcut/etching/… then they could be included in the Printmaking section. But a great deal of the digital prints appearing are of watercolour artwork and have nothing to do with Original Printmaking.
Having this confusion with these misplaced artworks only ‘muddies’ the section and must lead to frustration when potential customers are looking for Original Printmaking techniques as the header description promises.
Is it possible @folksycontent @Folksyadmin that a spruce up of the section could be done? The problem might be resolved if the sub section titled ‘Other Prints’ be removed and a couple of new subsections added in it’s place to include Monoprints and Collographs?

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Hi I Like you suggestions here. I list my digital Pad and computer created graphic images under Digital Prints. To remove ‘Other’ and add Monoprints Monotypes Collographs would be good. There is skill in each medium, but different processes involved.

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Hi Heather. We’ve reviewed the Printmaking section and added some new subcategories to enable sellers to more accurately list their items. The aim is to eventually remove the ‘Printmaking > Other prints’ subcategory from Folksy so that section only contains ‘original’ prints and not reproductions, but we need sellers to move their items to other subcategories before we can remove it.

The new printmaking subcategories we have created, which cover the items currently listed in the ‘Printmaking > Other Prints’ subcategory, are:

Collagraph Prints
Risograph Prints
Lithograph Prints
Cyanotype Prints
Mezzotint Prints
Drypoint Prints

Let us know if there are any we have missed.


Many thanks Camilla. Great that you’ve added more sub sections, gives much better clarity to the Printmaking section. We’ve just moved all our Monoprints to their new section :slight_smile:

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Thanks, will do some housekeeping tomorrow.

This is really great thanks as just one of mine is a cyanotype and it is now listed in its proper category.

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Great that your request has been accepted.:slight_smile: