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Problem posting pictures on Facebook

(Helen Dale) #1

Any I pad users out there finding that Facebook just won’t play properly any more? I don’t seem to be able to post photos from my iPad onto my business page. This has been going on for a week or so now. Anyone else finding this or can offer a solution (it has been suggested that I just throw said iPad at a wall!). Facebook is my best promotional tools for folksy - so it’s really not helpful that I haven’t been able to post pics!

(Roz) #2

I had that problem yesterday, thought it was just me! I found it was possible to do it using a photo uploader ( I use iLoader) but not directly from the page itself.

Update: just found it is possible to upload photos to your page if you use the facebook app rather than the full version on safari.

(Themdustyold Viewfinders) #3

I can upload pictures to my personal page and my art page walls no problem but as for changing cover photos or profile pictures, it has so be an existing image. Also, when I click on my page the blue facebook bar at the top of the page vanishes. I’m using safari, I think websites just don’t like it. Thinking about it, I had to download firefox to change my profile picture here, and to add pictures to tumblr. Maybe I need to check if my version safari is our of date!

(Sharonj19) #4

I feel your frustration!
I am so glad this isn’t just happening to me! I have not been able to post pictures for about 10 days - I have found though that if I log in as ‘me’ I can then post pictures onto my business page - it only doesn’t work if I am logged on as my business. Also my business newsfeed isn’t loading properly. This is only on my I pad though - I was on the laptop the other day and discovered that loading pictures is fine. I am hoping the problem will remedy itself in time!

(Pauline Hayward) #5

I’ve been having problems seeing posts on my business page via my ipad. Its only when I scroll down a bit then the post start to show up. Everything is fine on my laptop.

(Gill Wootton) #6

I am having the same problem as Pauline also cannot change from recent to top stories, nor will it allow me to edit existing photos. No problems at all on my laptop which is a Mac Book and also uses Safari. So I am mystified but relieved to know it is not just me.


(Stephanie Short) #7

Hi Helen,
Yes me too! Exactly the same problem, having a lot of probs with FB at the moment, everyday there’s a new one!! annoying :angry:
Steph x

(Helen Dale) #8

Nice to Know I’m not alone! It’s so frustrating. I haven’t been able to post pictures for about a week which is seriously affecting my visibility. Just as well I’m not making many items at the mo’ - going through a period of procrastination!!
I only use my business Facebook page for HbyH. And I’ve never been able to quite get the app to be useful for business use - it seems fine for personal stuff, but I keep the two very clearly separate.
I am becoming a bit disillusioned with Apple. Their incompatibility (or unwillingness to be compatible) with other companies can get quite frustrating.

(Stephanie Short) #9

Thanks Helen @HandbagsbyHelen though it was just me!
Been trying again today thought I was on a winner, managed to put 3 pics on a group page, went to my own page and tried to put a pic up …same message popped on screen…content is currently unavailable…blah, blah !! Starting to loose the will now…grr !

(Pauline Hayward) #10

It certainly is getting frustrating I’m constantly getting that message too. I’ve been trying to show some new pics but not been able to. I’m loosing my patience now.

(Jill Fairbairn) #11

Hello, I’m having problems with this too and with my news feed also…I hope it gets sorted out soon x

(Gill Wootton) #12

Hi Jill glad you popped in good to see you here if only to show its not just you.

(Jill Fairbairn) #13

Thanks Gill, I am going to try and pop in more regularly xx

(Gill Wootton) #14

Facebook is driving me crazy today it now won’t let me like or comment on posts (not even my own) from my business page. It did allow me to share a post. I have an iPad but haven’t updated to iOS8 after reading previous posts. Is it only people with iPads and iPhones having problems or is anyone on other devices having problems too.

(Stephanie Short) #15

Gosh Gill, that’s exactly what’s been happening to me over the last few weeks!!!
It started with just pics but now I can’t even like, post, comment anything basically! I was loosing the will before but I think I’ve just lost it, it’s just a waste of time! Why do they do thIs??? Steph xx

(Sian ) #16

Not sure if anyone’s still having problems uploading images using an iPad but this might be related to a bug with iOS8.

Apple recently released an update (8.0.2) which fixes some image upload issues (including uploading images to Folksy!). Look for iOS 8.0.2 in your software updates and see if that helps!

(Sharonj19) #17

I haven’t updated my iPad yet but my fb problems are getting worse, still having to load photos when logged on as ‘myself’ rather than my business but now I cannot even like or comment on anyone else’s photos or posts.

(Gill Wootton) #18

Hi Steph have discovered that when you like something and it says it’s not available if I then close that and immediately like it a second time it accepts it. Still won’t let me comment but liking is better than nothing. Although I can’t upload a photo as a post it will let me add it directly into the photos I can’t fathom it at all and I haven’t updated to iOS8 yet as not sure if the new updated version will make things better or worse I’m dithering about it.
Gill xx

(Teresa Bettelley) #19

Ah, good to hear I’m not the only one with this problem… Although frustrating that we are all experiencing it! I found I can upload from an iPhone, just not my iPad. Technology! Xx

(Julie Grimes) #20

Hi there … I am having so many problems with my iPad its driving me potty, it does seem to be linked to the update I0S8 from Apple, I have downloaded the IOS8.2 which was supposed to fix the problems, whilst it’s a little better it is a far cry from the beautiful ‘tool’ it used to be:( I awaiting a further fix from Apple …