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Pictures again

(Helen Dale) #1

Probably nothing to do with folksy and more to do with the fact I (stupidly) downloaded the iOS8 backup recently for my iPad, but I can’t post images in folksy. I can get to the pop up box which says upload pictures, but the button doesn’t work. Is this just me or anyone with an iPad?? Images are seeming to be a problem all round if you have an iPad at the mo’!

(Louise Flude ) #2

I cannot list from my iPad at all, although I tried to on my PC and it still wouldn’t work, wasn’t until I commandeered my brothers macbook that I was able to list anything this week!

(Ronald Koorm) #3

Not sure , but OS8 has some serious teething problems for iphones , ipads, etc, so not surprised you are having problems.

Golden rule on operating systems - Let others find out the bugs and teething problems before downloading the latest OS, whether on Mac , Windows or other systems. I usually wait a year or more before uploading the latest OS, and sometimes I just avoid it.

Apple’s tech staff and some customers do ‘Beta testing’ on these new systems but never for long enough to iron out all the problems. And it’s virtually impossible to check for compatibility with all other systems.

Given time, it should be resolved, hopefully. It may be that Folksy’s programmers have to leave it to Apple to resolve.

It’s similar to your printer not working when they change the OS and you need new printer drivers. Sometimes they work but often they don’t, or not until new ones are written, which is frustrating.

(Jill Fairbairn) #4

Yep, I have the same problem, only since I updated. You can un install it but I think Apple will have the next update out in a few days so I’m going to wait and see…sit on my hands ha ha scared I make it worse if I try to fiddle with the settings! X

(Helen Dale) #5

Now my silly facebook page is being mischievous! I can’t seem to post comments from my business page. Personal page is fine. And liking any posts comes up with a ‘not avialable…’ Comment. Am feeling slightly disenchanted with my iPad. All design and rubbish functionality at the mo.

(Teresa Bettelley) #6

I’m struggling with uploading photos tonight, from my iPad, so frustrating as I was all set to put my new Christmas decorations up… I can load one pic, but not the second. I’m getting rather cross! Hope apple/ folksy can sort this! :grin:

(Diane Keeble) #7

I am sitting at a desktop and I can’t load my photos either :frowning:

(Susannah Ayre) #8

I’m at a windows laptop and can’t upload either. Which is really annoying as I have a few lovely new photos to update with!! I thought it might be the actual photos but I was able to upload them to Etsy so must be a problem here…which seems to be happening a lot lately. Is anyone looking in to it does anyone know?

(Louise Jay) #9

I can’t upload anything either, I’m on a laptop :frowning:

(Lesley Bywater) #10

I am unable to uplaod photos either this evening for a new listing on my laptop (windows 7).
Will report to admin for tomorrow morning!


(Deborah Jones) #11

I can only upload 3 of 5 I’m on a desktop. @sianfolksy

(Pauline Hayward) #12

I had this problem only last week. I had to reload iSO8 at the weekend and everything seem to be fine. I contacted support when this first started and here is the thread.

with a few emails from support

(Diane Keeble) #13

I’ve sent a message to support.

(Karen Ellam) #14

I wish I had spotted this thread before I spent ages filling in the description box and info to find the photos aren’t uploading.
So frustrating. I hope it gets fixed soon :grinning:

I’m using a Nexus tablet, and everything else seems to be working ok other than this glitch.