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FB posting

Anyone having problems posting to FB this morning??

I can’t get any of my posts published or scheduled…

I just managed to post OK from my laptop x

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Hi @HeidiMeier, did this fix itself? I’m having a similar problem.

Hi @HelenCliffordArt - I’ve just tried again and it gives the same message…

Bother. Actually, I just Googled about it and seems we are not alone. Which may (or may not) be comforting!


Ah yes - I have just googled too following your comment. I do hope it’s not the prelude to us being charged for uploading photos in the future… Might have a go and just publish a written post, as some have said those are getting published…

And… it’s snowing here… :open_mouth:

Just tried a post without photo, and this has been published. Will probably disappear into oblivion though…

I can’t even get onto my Dottery Pottery FB page on my phone today - I can get into my personal page but it just keeps loading and loading on my business page! Maybe today is the day that they are making all the changes!

It’s not working as it would normally do for me either but I’ve got them published by going through the Phot/Video album tab. I’m on a desktop.

Let’s hope it’s just a incompletely rolled out upgrade and it will sort itself out !

Fingers crossed! In a way, if it is because of the new roll out, it’s quite nice to see even the biggest companies face their own challenges!!

I just succeeded by using this method - thanks! Hope it’s back to normal soon.

Sounds like you have been in the tech business, @JOYSofGLASS! It certainly has the feel of that about it.

Thanks for posting this - I was starting to think I was doing something horribly wrong, but it turns out it is a FB problem. I found a workaround online. If you post your text and go back into that post and edit it to add a photo then it works.

Brilliant Korora thank you! That saved the iPad from going out the window

Yes I’ve also had problems adding a post with a photo on my business page, glad it isn’t just me x

me too - can’t add a photo (with a comment) - hoping it’ll clear for tomorrow.

I just managed to do one from my pc… It was just an odd photo hanging round my desktop and the post was only a single 4 letter word. I deleted it straight away mainly because the TEST 4 letter word ended up as TEAT and thought the FB bad word police might not like that !

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In my previous life I was in IT, so yes.

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Took me 6 goes to post 4 pics with a post last night, relieved to see it wasn’t just me!