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Product Photography Workshop

(Rainy Williamson) #1

I just thought I’d let those of you in the North West of England know about this product photography workshop in February.
Its held in the workshop on my smallholding and run by local excellent photographer Janet Broughton.

(Stephanie Guy) #2

Nice idea, I hope it goes well for you. Might be an idea for you to provide various props too, one of the problems sellers seem to have is thinking of different ways of styling. Good luck!

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(Rainy Williamson) #3

Thanks Stephanie. We will have numerous items available but want participants to bring some of their own items to reflect their own particular styles and to avoid their images looking the same. The photographer will be explaining about styling as part of her presentation.

(Thatenamelguy) #4

@thelittlelancashiresmallholding You might want to edit the title of your opening post unless you are doing some really ling term planning :grinning:

(Rainy Williamson) #5

:slight_smile: if you click on the link the correct date appears.