Free Product Photography Workshop - Wed 7 June, 11am

Product Photography Mistakes (and how to fix them) - free webinar with Diana Stainton - 11am, Wednesday 7 June

On Wednesday 7th June, professional photographer (and former Folksy seller!) Diana Stainton will be running a free workshop for Folksy Plus members. In the class, she’ll look at common photography mistakes indie businesses make and sharing solutions to give your business the best chance at making sales.

Diana is a brand product photographer based in London who helps brands to grow their business, inspire their customers and sell their products with creative lifestyle photography. She specialises in working with small businesses to level up their product photos. Having been a maker herself for 5 years, Diana has lots of real insight into what photography is needed and how best to use it.

To join, just click the link to the Plus page in your seller dashboard - (you’ll need to be signed in to your Folksy shop to see it). Places are limited to the first 100, but we will record the session so you can watch it afterwards if you can’t make it on the day.

In the meantime, Diana would really like to know what products you most struggle photographing.
Leave her a comment on this post so she can try to cover it in the webinar:


I find trying to indicate the size and scale of an object quite hard especially with tiny miniature paintings. I expect others have the same problem with jewelry and smaller art works too. Currently I find the best solution is to include another object such as a flower blossom or pencil in the photo or, if appropriate, hold the object in my fingers - but it is difficult to get aesthetically pleasing shots and any bright ideas would be very welcome.


Will this be recorded & available to view after the event? I probably can’t make the date but would be really interested in seeing this! Also, with items that are quite long, is there a good way to get a nice square photo for the initial shot?

Cheers Lou

Babies and small children’s clothes without a model.

Is it best to take photos with or without props or any kind of accessories?

Just a reminder that this is happening this morning! You can find the link to join in your Folksy Seller Dashboard in the Events section of the Plus page.

We will be recording it for anyone who can’t make it @WhimsicalBells and that recording will be available for Folksy Plus members on their Plus page :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Thank you for putting this on. Product photography is something I’ve struggled with. Diana gave some really achievable tips to make good pictures accessible in a simple home set up.

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I couldn’t join live, but will watch it once its available

Hi is this available yet and if so where?
Thanks Lou x

The recording is now available to watch. If you go to dashboard > Plus account > events, you should find the link there (all the events where we have a catch up recording will be added to this page in the future).


Thank you :blush: I’ve just watched it. Some ideas that are easily manageable in your home. I wish I could have joined the live to ask specific questions about the items I make. I’m going to try a lifestyle set up but I don’t feel anymore confident than I did before. Hopefully I will surprise myself

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Thanks for the replay option. Very useful tips and guidance. :slight_smile:

Thanks Camilla for sending the link. I thought the tips of using whiteboard to reflect light were useful, i use whitboards but cover them up with a fleece as they are too stark, using them to bounce the light off is something I can try. Ithink it is time to find something new for a backdrop.

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Hi @folksycontent Camilla I’ve tried to watch this but the link to watch isn’t clickable. Due to an injury my shop is in holiday mode, is that why it isn’t working? Cheers Mandie

@folksycontent I had an attempt at a bit of staging, it had to be what I could find in the house as health issues have stopped me going out.

This was my before pictures for the bootie listing

Added a couple of bits, but think I liked the brick background (excuse to do some more pictures)


Hi @CrochetandI, we love these before and after product shots, you’ve done a brilliant job! I personally love the white background, it helps the booties stand out. Would you mind if we shared them on our socials and shout about your success?


Thank you for the positive feedback :blush: you are very welcome to use them.

After putting on the workshop I thought it would be good to share my pictures. And it was good that I did this with items I already had.

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This is the listing the have been used in

@ImogenGeorgeJewellery As long as your Plus account is still active you should be able to view it.
Go to the events section on the Plus account page -
Click “view event” (not “watch the recording”, which might be the confusing bit!)
Copy the code
Click “redeem”
Paste the code and click “watch recording”.