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Product pictures... Do you prefer white background or lifestyle images?

(jonhitchcock) #1

So I will start off by saying I made my first sale here last week!

I was wondering what all you lovely shop owners think about whether items should be shown “in use” or with a clean white background?

To highlight what I mean, this is my shop as it stands…

I think the photos are of a good quality but am concerned that there is no reference to reality, would they be more appealing in a designer living space style setting?

Do you prefer selling with/looking at lifestyle images or clean images?

Kind regards


(Liz Clark) #2

As you have 5 image slots you can use both lifestyle and white background.

PS Congratulations of your first sale!

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(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #3

Congrats on your 1st sale Jon, I think both would be good, on a plain white background people have the chance of imagining the item with their decor, in a setting they can see how others would/could site it and get idea’s.

(Ali Millard) #4

I’d recommend a styled lifestyle shot as the main image, as this helps customers imagine what it would look like in situ (if you use the right props, it can also help the customer to visualise the size and scale of the item) then Include cut outs too, so customers can see the detail without any distractions

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(Karen Ellam) #5

Congratulations on your first sale :blush:


(StripesAndMarble) #6

Congratulations on your first sale! I am still awaiting mine :frowning:
As a shopper I prefer a mixture of both and I like to see the item in use where possible. WHite backgrounds are always safe if you are unsure on the surrounding background too.

Emma x

(Annie Storkey) #7

Do be careful with lifestyle ones though, I’ve sometimes seen ones where I’m not sure which feature is actually the one for sale. Don’t confuse the buyer.

(jonhitchcock) #8

Many thanks everybody… yes that first sale was a long time in the making!

Yes i think one lifestyle shot may be the way to go… The challenge will be finding the best location for it and then setting up lighting etc.

Annie, your comment made me chuckle, I can imagine it being rather easy to clutter the picture with too many other items and confuse buyers into thinking its another item for sale! Although cross promotion could be an interesting opportunity

(Evie Milo) #9

I would recommend lifestyle shots to accompany the ones you have. With items like yours people will wnat to see the item in situ to get a sense of scale - so you could hang them from a nail in a hallway kind of setting next to a coat rack, or place them on a shelf next to a bowl of trinkets - just examples…

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(Helen Clifford) #10

Just a thought, Jon - I notice the title on this item
is missing the last letter from ‘mirror’. It might help you get found in searches if you add it on!

I love the clean, stylish look of your items. And I agree with the others that additional ‘lin situ’ shots would be good.

(Jan Ryan) #11

Congrats on your 1st sale, I love the photo’s you have, they’re great for showing the detail in a clean and uncluttered way but like the others (and you) have said, a lifestyle shot will give a good idea of scale etc. I’m thinking propped up on a table with a couple of nick nacks. eg - lipstick & makeup brush - coins & keys etc

I notice your sizes are in metric, it may be a good idea to put them in imperial as well. I tend to visualize things in inches so had to convert the sizes :slight_smile:

(jonhitchcock) #12

Well spotted and many thanks Helen, I have corrected that listing title!

That is a great idea Jan! Would never have thought of it… I will add imperial sizes next to the metric ones on all my descriptions so its quick and easy for everyone to visualise the sizes :slight_smile:

(Louise Foot) #13

Beautiful work Jon!

(Louise Foot) #14

I just saw you on the front page, well done!

(jonhitchcock) #15

Outstanding! That’s put a rather large smile on my face :blush: