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Product Shots versus Pretty Shots

My products ( bottles of essential oils and essential oil blends) are no inherently attractive. The photos themselves are good quality but very uninteresting.
So i am trying general product shots ( for example the flower an oil is made form. Thoughts?. Which do you feel is more effective.

If you have a moment look in the store and view organic oils. I have mixed both types of images. What would you run with?

Also as a new stor eif any of you want to share me, I would gladly reciprocate. I am still trying to work out how to link up facebook but we have about 3000 followers on there.

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I love the ones that you have added other items in the backgrounds as props ie herbs, fruit slices. I find the white background too stark and the ones that aren’t catch the eye more. Hope this helps.

I prefer the shots with the added props. They add a bit of interest and draw the eye to them.

I like both! Why not use more than 1 photo slot, then you could have some with just the oil in slot 1 and some with the more creative photo in slot 1. I think that if someone is looking at your whole shop, just seeing the creative photos would maybe look a bit cluttered, and detract from the product.

I’d go for a labelled bottle with some of the herb/ flower that the oil is made from as it adds a bit of interest (bit like the black pepper oil photo but the lighting needs adjusting in that). If it is just the flower/ herb that the oil is made from I might not recognise it as such (I’ve no idea what ylang ylang looks like for example) and having the bottle of oil there tells me what I’m buying. Using a labelled bottle puts your branding in the photo in a more difficult to remove than a water mark way so no one else can swipe your photos and use them as their own.

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I think a mix of both would look good purely because I feel the shots with a background are not consistent in look. Although each individually is beautifully captured, it could look a little overwhelming to the eye if the page if full of different style photos. For me, breaking them up with the simple white background and bottle shot would make it easier on the eye. Also, if you try this you may begin to see a pattern in your sales to help you work out what the buyer prefers.

I am thinking of trying both on different line sin the gallery, ie 3 bottles, then underneath 3 pics, then three bottles etc. I can hopefully then monitor what buyers are looking at.

Thanks for the feedback and LOVE the hats!

My favourite of your shots is the Black Pepper one. It just needs you to use a white reflector to light up the label of the bottle so it can be easily read. It is also the sort of photograph that Folksy select for their gift guides, so you need more like it. I don’t like the ones with fruit slices or at funny angles because you can’t see the labels on the bottles and they are a bit cluttered. Also I don’t think you should use cut out white for your first shot in every photo as it is a bit hard on the eye when you look at your shop front. Mix it up with some white and some lifestyle and to my mind that would look more interesting and easier to browse.

Sam x

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Thank you so much .Will work on the black pepper them and buy some backgrounds like boards, chunks of wood etc. Totally agree with you

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