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How do you feel about my photos?

(Emma Rogerson) #1

I’d be really grateful and interested to hear your thoughts on my photos. This is because mine are ‘fake’ in as much as they are flat photos as I make them in the design package that I do my cards.

They are true to life as my cards are obviously graphics designed by me and i make sure the colours are as representative as possible but Folksy seem to prefer ‘lifestyle’ shots at the moment.

However would my photos put you off as a buyer?

All opinions gratefully heard. Negative or positive. I am really trying to see if it would benefit my shop to take true lifestyle shots or would my time be better spent doing other things. So be honest, I can take it!

here is an example to make it easier…

Many thanks,
Emma x

(Stephanie Guy) #2

Personally I would like to see a photo of a real card as well. It wouldn’t need to be the exact one that I’m buying, but I probably wouldn’t buy without seeing an actual sample displayed on a shelf or table. I’d like to see that the card isn’t going to curl, that it will stand up, and to get an idea of size.

(Joy Salt) #3

I agree with Stephanie. Buying on line you want as good an idea of what you’re getting as possible so need to see the real card.

(Christine Moore) #4

Personally, I wouldn’t buy from that photo as I prefer to see the actual item, Sorry x

(Ema Hossain) #5

doesn’t look like your customers mind too much as you’ve sold lots of cards :smile: , but if you want to get included in the Folksy picks and blogs etc, then yes the actual card in a lifestyle shot is needed. I’d be happy with a product shot that also has one close up showing the texture of the card.

(Emma Rogerson) #6

Thanks for your honesty. I think I knew deep down I needed to find a way to photograph them as well as using the graphic shots. I think you are right @Fatema a combination would work well. Then it satisfies more potential customers.
Emma x

(Poplartree) #7

I find the whole photography thing a nightmare as I’m a crafter not a photographer! I agree with most of the other posters though, a “real” shot is probably worth going for x

(Esterina Kearse) #8

On the subject of taking photos, I am not sure if my photos could be improved in any way. Please feel free to visit my shop and give me your opinions, good or bad.

Esterina xx